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Pvp is so much fun!

Because nothing is more fun than losing to a much higher level bot because the algorithms in the game have decided that you MUST lose!



That kinda sucked lol :joy:

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This is my record for most imbalanced match. I’m actually quite proud of it.

Even AI was sandbagging for the event it seemed.


Why did you white out the trophy counts?


His opponents all appear to be bots so their trophies are just made up.

Because it’s none of your business and irrelevant to the point.

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That was a pretty snotty answer. It is relevant actually because in theory you should be matched up with someone close in trophy counts. If the counts were close you could have just answered how far apart they were if for some reason it is a state secret what your count is.

My guess is that even the bots are off now because of all of the tanking going on.

For example if before the events the average character level for someone with 2200 trophies was a level 12 character that is what the game would give you with bots. Now with the tanking maybe the average level for 2200 might be a level 14 character so the game makes bots accordingly.
Someone who is a normal player who didn’t tank would then end up against higher level bots with the same trophy count.


This is inaccurate.

The level of bots you face depend on two factors: your equipment level/quality carried by the characters on your team and your recent win loss record (especially win/lose streaks). The bot fights are completely tailored to you.

Both my image and the OP’s are likely to have been cherry picked after a win streak. If you want an honest idea of bot matchmaking you should demand a rigorous dataset of each match with win/loss results. If you do so, you’ll see that these extreme cases only occur after 4-5 or more wins in a row.

I have won 4 or 5 or 8 many times in a row and have never seen such a large difference in levels… I have noticed since the events started that bots seem higher levels than they use to be for the trophies they supposedly represent

And I don’t need a dataset of any kind. I am not the one making conspiracy theory type claims saying that a company, which like any company, in the long run depends on the good will and trust of their customers, is trying to cheat me in some way that would be so obvious.

Even if that were true, which it patently is not, you seem to be implying that this is justifiable and acceptable. Is that your position?

I don’t like pvp in most games and I didn’t start it in this game until all of my characters at the time were level 10 or 11. I won more than 20 in a row until I made it to the 5th or 6th arena and finally lost. I never had anyone that was higher level than me until that point

Bro! I know right? I was quite proud today, I faced off a super geared lv19 opponent bot that usually smashes me. They left my cleric for last heheheheh I won. Beat all FOUR bots with just CLERIC and THIGHBONE haha felt amazing, edge ofseat, oh crap kinda amazing haha

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The bots tend to be encountered in Arena 7 more than anywhere else, I think - especially since the change in match-making in the latest update. This isn’t a conspiracy theory - the game definitely serves up bots against you, and sometimes they are absurdly overpowered in comparison to your party. In my experience, @retsamerol’s experience is bourne out - win too many matches in a row in Arena 7, and you are in for a world of getting instablicked by a level 20 computerized ranger.

Patently means “obvious, clear or plain”. How is it obvious that we have or have not cherry picked based on the available data?

Is it justifiable and acceptable that bots increase in difficulty with win streaks? Sure I guess. I don’t see a compelling reason why it wouldn’t be.

There are obviously bots and they definitely get harder. I just think it is absurd to think that they are designed with the idea being “hey that guy won too many in a row. We better knock him down a peg or two.” I am not saying that the algorithm isn’t bad or that it doesn’t end up causing huge mismatches at times. I just don’t think there is something nefarious involved. The idea behind the matchmaking is to give you someone approximating your own skill. If you win a bunch in a row at your trophy count then obviously you are stronger than just that number says. It would make sense that they bump you up against a much stronger team then you faced at the beginning of your run. Does it go too far? Probably, does that mean they have some evil plot just to make you lose? Not likely

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You used “patent” to describe whether you were or were not cherry picking images after a win streak. It was not in the context of whether you are fighting bots. You have changed the subject matter.

I did not contest that you were playing against bots. Only that you are not giving the complete story: that these matches only occur after a win streak.

Adding my two cents… I’m in Arena 7, and during the event, I lost a lot of matches in a row against people… When I finally faced a bot, it had Arena 7-level trophies but the characters themselves were only level 7/8 against my level 11/12

I am glad you posted that. This forum reminds me of when I use to work in a casino. Everyone remembers when the dealer gets 3 blackjacks in a row but never seem to remember when they do.