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PvP is trash


I quit this game for like A month or two, i download IT Back play 3 PvP matches EVERY opponent had atleast 2 Legendaries and above lvl 20 at 3.3 k trophies. Like srsly how am i supposed to win with My lvl 12-15 epics and 16 lvl i rex


I’m gonna go out on a whim and say the same way they beat you…
By playing the game and levelling up


If you don’t quit for a month or two, you can harvest DNA, and merge dinosaurs to create your own… if you leave and the game goes on… does it really surprise you?


Well it kinda does didn’t excpect them at 3.3 k throphies


That Tournament brought them out of the woodwork! I completely avoided the tournament exactly for the reason you described.

Sorry for being so snarky at you earlier.


I for 1 appreciated the snarkiness…



The tourney completely messed up the ranking. There are definitely legends at 3300 now.


… And as has been said, nothing stays still, it gets harder and harder to stay at a certain level - I only play lunch and on bus / train journey to work, so not going to keep up with someone who plays several hours a day ( especially if they are in a spawn & green drop rich area)… I don’t care what arena I play in, so long as I get a few incubators to hatch. Same pattern in lots of games, those that put in some hard core game time leave more casual players behind … Fine by me, I have work & family stuff keeping me busy, gaming is just a bit of fun on commute & gets me walking on work lunch break as a bit of exercise, I could be in lowest arena possible & still enjoy it