Pvp is unfair


Please fix the problem of pvping, i got up to arena 4 but i fell to arena 2 because of this, i almost have a deck full of epics, but i always get matched up against people who have dinasours with astronomical levels,this game is pay-to-win and this ruins all the fun to it(im getting matched up against higher leveled players which have legendary dinosaurs and epics,my highest level dinosaur is a lvl 13 while i am getting matched against lvl 18 dinosaurs)


Can you take a screenshot of your team and post? The issue is real with fake or ai teams at a certain level but that doesn’t get really bad till you get to trophie level 2500 ish.


Hmm I think it done to try and make you spend cash.


That’s odd. You need to screenshot this because I went all the way to arena 5 before I start meeting people with entire team of epics. I don’t have epic myself and got to arena 5 on a team of commons and rares. I don’t feel that the game picks your opponent based on your Dino rarity though.


Here also till 5th without big issues. Only drop I created myself because of testing new dinos and discover their weakness.

Since a couple of days I got one epic and he is selected 30% of the time.
OK. I admit I have a vraptor on level 15 which is very useful but it is a mix of luck and tactics. I have switched some battles all over and became winner because of the smart and lucky switching.

Try to take all kind of strong dinos. I have in my eight decks at least 2 armor and defense destroyers. 2 fast dinos. 2 tanks or stunners. And I try to take as many as possible counter attack dinos. You will always get a great mix team. And yes also fingers crossed for the right 4 fighters.


I cant/dont know how totake a screenshot on this phone, but


My issue is that i have to fight against level 15 commons,when all of my dinos are lvl 10-13, when a velociraptor can half the hp of any of my dinos, its really unfair.


You are only matched against players at your trophy level. The game does not take into account how high is your Dino levels. If you want an easier time I suggest you start throwing matches on purpose and drop your arena level down another grade. For example most of my dinos are around level 10, with a couple 13 and 9s. I seem to get stuck at 1900-2000 trophies. I deduce from this that to go beyond that I may need lvl 13-15s from there. Generally when you get stuck around a certain level it’s cue time to go leveling and/or finding better dinos


I have noticed since playing that you get mached against higher dinos based on level!
Well that was a totally micky take!
Level 15 velocrapter against my level 8 and 9 dinos chosen! Wiped out all of them on the ship one after another, didn’t stand a chance. Patience wearing very thin with this game.


Try killing a lvl 15 trex with a lvl 8 einasuchus while you are glitched, this happens to me almost every round, now i might rank down to arena 1