[PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Season 3 [11/22]

Season 3

Thanks to player feedback, we have decided to re-imagine the Seasonal Leaderboard as a wider-ranging, more inclusive Seasonal PvP. Most notably, the number of trophies required to get a prize has been lowered from 4,250 to 2,500. This should ensure that a lot more of you have access to tournament rewards Please note that this is a new BETA feature, that we will continue to refine in future iterations with your feedback.

Finally, rest assured that this is by no means the end of Tournaments in Jurassic World Alive. We are now working on bringing a completely separate Tournament feature in a future update.

Top Prize Winners


  • Trophy Setting: Everyone above 4,500 trophies at the beginning of the 3rd Seasonal PvP will be reset to 4,500 trophies + half of any trophies they had above 4,500 with a maximum possible starting number of 5,500. Players with a trophy count under 4,500 at the beginning of the Season will not be affected.
    • Important: Once Season 3 goes live, if your trophies are not reset, please relaunch your App. Any trophies acquired in battle prior to a reset will not be added to your final score.
  • Dates: November 22nd to December 3rd
  • Guaranteed Prize: Dsungaripterus DNA
  • New matchmaking system: Stay tuned for more information!

Regular PVP rules apply:

  • Everyone is part of the matchmaking pool for the Seasonal PvP based on the current PvP matchmaking rules except for flagged cheaters.
    • see “Cheaters” section below for details.
  • During the Season, regular PvP rules will apply to individual battles.
  • Use your team of 8 dinos you created in your roster.
  • Use 4 randomly chosen creatures from your team of 8 for each battle.
  • Defeat 3 of your opponent’s creatures to win each match.
  • Gain trophies when you win to increase your rank.
  • When 2 or more players have the same score on the Leaderboard, the tie-breaker will be time-based; the first one to have scored points will receive the advantage in rank.


  • Cheaters have been removed from the Leaderboard. For more information on Cheating and Consequences, please see the following section of the forum:
  • Furthermore, flagged cheaters will no longer be paired with non-flagged players in PvP battle.

Season 3 Leaderboard:

  • Outside the cap (maximum) at the beginning of the Season (see “Overview” for details), the Leaderboard will have no trophy cap.
  • Seasonal Leaderboard shows the top 500 players throughout the Season.
  • Leaderboard freezes at the end of the Season to determine winners.


  • Prizes awarded based on ranking at leaderboard freeze.
    • If a player is in the middle of a battle when the Season ends, the result will not affect your standings.
  • Please allow several days for winners notification.
  • Please look for an in-game mail to collect your prize.

Prize List for PvP Season 3

  • New Season prize tiers!
    • We’ve widened our prize board so as to reward most Seasonal PvP participants! See details below.


Most important changes are “check back later” :’(

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Probably one of the hardest times for ppl to battle


Dsungaripterus? Really? It didn’t even get a hybrid for 1.5. Has to be the most useless reward ever…


these two sentences would seem to contradict each other.


LOL DSUNGARIPTERUS??? And there’s no way they’d start the next tourney without updating to 1.5, so 1.5 should be out by November 22nd.


Yeah, you’ve have widened the prizes but the points for the epic incubator are everytime higher


So is the update happening BEFORE or AFTER the tournament?


Reasonable bet is an update before … otherwise it would significantly affect gameplay in the middle of a tournament…

Dsung does sound weak tho.
Only time in my life I’ll say this but can I have Koola or Secodonto instead ?? :sweat_smile:

also : it looks like the people have been heard… there is an incubator for lower trophy counts as well! (Thank you for listening Ludia :grin:)


You know you love that Koola! It’s possible they could wait for after the tournament for the update. :woman_shrugging:


I really hope not … that’s a long stretch to keep people waiting.

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I agree. But it will also change the strategy regarding dropping arenas for the OTO people might miss out on. Hopefully they’ll let us know soon so people can plan accordingly.

Wow seriously? These rewards are terrible. Essentially 0 incentive to perform the best. Unbelievable.


Why keep raising the number of trophies? When you play against players with the same amount you win and loose the same amount of trophies. So if that group keeps upping their dino’s in the same rate nobody is gaining or loosing any trophies. I’ve been stuck around 4100 for 3 months now.


I would guess update drops after the tournament. It’s too big a change to drop during or before. I think the shortened tournament is a way to keep us busy while they prepare the update. The dna is useless as always, just want coins really.

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Better be updated before the tournament for those of us that had to tank trophies

I agree … I am a little demotivated maybe more because of fatigue. The main perks were cash and coin, since incubators are usually a flop.

Here’s the rewards layout for one of the prior tournaments:

Nobody told you to or made you tank trophies. I hardly doubt that’s something Ludia would encourage. The OTO you tanked for is highly unlikely to change nothing other then the balance in your bank account. Just put your good team back in and rank up again.