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[PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Season 3 [11/22]

Yeah, Ludia messed up big time on this one.

Can thank all the people whining about the top players getting so much for their effort for these unmotivating rewards.


It could mean update before the “tournament” or after. In the middle would be the worst…

It’s pretty underwhelming. But I’m happy with that.

Time to focus on hunting with a new update.

Always the pragmatist! I love it :grin:@David_Courtney

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Well being at 4900 trophies I wanted to get the arena incubators for the next 2 arenas.I messaged Ludia and they actually recommended I tank trophies, so theres that …

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Is Ludia constantly checking to see if players are cheating? I get the feeling that some slip through the cracks. Im not claiming all the top winners are cheating. Im just saying i feel like there are some cheaters who dodged the bullet.


What might be interesting. Delay in telling us about matchmaking.


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I withdraw my comment man.
I’m so surprised that they would suggest this …
and a little disappointed actually.


One would think theyd just make it easier to obtain this ota… like putting them on a timer or something instead of a screen that once you exit can never come back… sometimes i question if they really have the right person making these calls…apparently every other mobile gaming company is wrong and they are right.

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I messaged them in the game asking if I will still have my chance to purchase the arena incubators and they replied with there is no way to back reference the arenas so the only option is to have less trophies when the update is live. And now with this tournament, it really screws the whole situation up.

I guess the new tournament is also meant to discourage people from tanking. It doesn’t make sense why they wouldn’t want to give people the OTOs. Personally don’t buy anything cause I don’t think it’s worth it, but for anyone that wants to actually buy them, more power to them. You would think they’d want people to buy the offers.

Exactly that’s why this whole situation doesn’t make sense or there is more to it that we don’t know

So the reward for having a full level 22-26 team that’s strong enough to reach 5,000 is basically a single level 20 evolution and some useless rare flyer DNA?

Cool, I see nothing was learned from the previous tournaments. Expanding your rewards shouldn’t mean everybody gets garbage.


Well as far as I’m concerned, it’s free DNA. I’m already at 3000 and don’t plan on battling for a while so 500 Dsungaripterus and a rare incubator for effectively sitting on my backside and scratching myself isn’t a bad deal at all. :rofl:

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at least give us a trash EPIC for top 100…haha. time and money invested is countless…

giving me 6000 trash rare…i need to spend hundreds of thousand to upgrade but useless…it’s a negative asset

Well, i did what I promised. If minimum tropheys required for an epic incubator increase again, i would deinstall the game.

Players who came in a bit later to the game, such is myself (installed it in july), are always kept at distance from good rewards, unless they spend ridiculous amount of money.

On top of this increase to 4500 tropheys, my frustration with this game were further excarbarated with sinoceratops. Since i have never seen it or got it from incubator before, i cycled dozens of miles to catch 11 of them and i also got 300 dna from the incubator this week. All of this was enough for reaching level 15 and 8 fusions for utasinoraptor. Score, you might ask: 10, 10, 20, 10, 20, 10, 10, 10. So, i am halfway there to creating one hibryd of sino, when there are two hibryds with each having its own super hybrids.

So, in whichever direction i look, whether i want to be competitive in the battles, or i want to collect them all, there is not much satisfaction, what should be the purpose of any game.

And also, and this is actually my biggest compkaint, when i installed the game, i hoped there will be a lot more emphasis on species that actually existed, and not hybrids, because only that makes sense in the light of catch phrase from the game introduction : we want to save them all. This would also bring some educational value to the game.

So, good luck in future endeavours. I am off to find a job.
And that is probably for the better :smiley:


hey if you’re going to make a new tournament can you ban some creatures they’re in the tournament cuz it gets annoying every time I face them and it will make it fair for everyone else


Meh. Doesn’t matter. The only people who will get any sort of prize will be those who dedicate hundreds of real-world dollars and countless hours that 95% of the players don’t have to allocate anyway.


The only cheaters are spoofers, I was told spoofing software would leave breadcrumbs behind and it’s pretty easy for Ludia to find out if they bother to look…