[PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Season 3 [11/22]


@J.C will have a busy day today xD


I think they are good rules for the tournament and allow many people who were previously excluded to compete. Regarding the prizes, it is clear that changing an epic for a rare without a hybrid is not very motivating but, to be honest, there is not much useful difference present between that rare and a Brachio or a Blue … and in the future the utility in all three cases will depend on future hybrids.

Regarding another thing discussed here, I think the creators of the game despise the consequences of disappointing players over and over again with the 10 in the mergers (and other things that in another post I will comment). The players play to have good times, we can admit moments of disappointment, but if the bad moments are superior to the biggest ones, we can end up leaving the game.


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And yet again cheaters are still allowed in the game… cool :roll_eyes:


Good that many people can at least get a rare incubator from this - previously a lot of players had no chance of any tournament rewards, so great for widening inclusivity
For top plyers it is now more about position kudos rather than winning huge amounts of coin, they still get bragging rights but not the same cash boost that let them move even further ahead.
So, I’m in favour as only very new / casual players (below 2.5 K) will miss out, anyone who has played a while / reasonably frequently shoudl get at least lowest rare reward


So is there at least incubator for finishing over 4500 trophies when tournament starts?
Might try to get there.

Guaranteed DNA is a bad joke though.


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that we will


While we have you…
Will be getting more info about alliances today as well? Many of us still have a few questions


I am not sure… I am creating a recuriting section in the forums for you guys shortly. As to specific questions, I can ask Ned to create a topic and relay your questions to developers for anwsers.

I know this isn’t a great solution, but it’s the only one availble to this mod atm.


Thanks @J.C !
Much appreciated


Good job Ludia! Glad to see your improvement… as in shorten the tournament period, so that we won’t have to tolerate so bad as the previous two.


Really, a rare incubator? I’ve been playing since beta and because I’m Canadian, I got the game before almost everyone else. People 3500 trophies and above should get an epic incubator instead of rare. A rare incubator is useless. Also it’s almost impossible for someone with my level dinosaurs to get 4500 because Ludia obviously rigs that battles.


Since the battles start tomorrow, where is the info on the new matchmaking? :sweat_smile: @Jorge


Managed to get over 4500 so I’m out of arena till tournament. I have no intention to be active in this tournament though.


Please lower the reward requirements to those of the first tournament. As everyone is saying, it keeps going up, for no apparent reason.


Not even going to bother again.


How do you enter, just by battling as normal?


Yep. Just play