[PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Season 3 [11/22]


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Tournament started ? I was more than 4500 trophies but im still not reseted ! Even if i restart the game 10 times ! What is going wrong now ??? Will i not be taken in the tournament if i start fight now without reseted first ? I will lost all again then … thank you again … :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:


Game **


It resets to 4500 or 50 percent of your score higher than 4.5 if you where above before this season. Your in it working fine


What was your count before? You get 4500 + half of what you had over 4500 before. e.g. if you were at 4800 you now start at 4650.


Oh nice for the information i didnt notice that before. So i think its ok then…cool thx


@Ryan_Haines heres the original post for the tourney.


I’ve been stuck at under 2400 since the end of the first tournament. when the first one started I was a few battles away from unlocking arena 6 lockdown. took me weeks to do it and only lasted 1 battle before getting knocked out. now I’m stuck in the arena 2 badlands. I don’t bother battling PvP anymore for incubators. I hit the strike events. I even canceled my monthly subscription.


Barely got above 2500 just now. So I’m done.

Last place for the win!


Aren’t the people above 5000 trophies all in the top 500? Was this deliberately set high to make it look like more people were being rewarded than actually were? Or am I mistaken and the rewards for the top 500 and 5000+ trophies being stacked?


Always same dubious krew winning wonder why…


What happend to rewards for finishing over 4500 trophies before tournament started? First time managed to get over required limit and now there is no reward for that? If I remember correctly for season 1 & 2 every player over 4000 and 4250 trophies got epic incubator. Was this cancelled too?


It was only season one that they did that


Tnx for answer.




They are right now, but top 500 will be > 5,000 by the end of the tournament. So at least those who finish just below the leaderboard but at 5,000 or higher will get better rewards then those at 4,750+.


@Jorge So when, precisely, does this season end?




New to the game just started on thanksgiving. Grinded up to 2501 and stopped. I want to keep playing so when (time and time zone) does this contest end?



10 AM EST tomorrow
But don’t worry, there seems to be one every month or so!