[PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Season 3 [11/22]


Where did you see that info? I couldn’t find it anywhere. Date yeah but not time.


You can see the countdown timer under the “News” tab next to “Settings” in the game.


When are the prizes being sent out? I thought it had finished?


The first 2 have came out on friday. So more than likely 2 days from now @Brozzy


Which ones came out when? Tomorrow is Friday?


this is a quality post.


Don’t know what that means. Please explain?


Would be funny if it took longer to hand out awards than to run the tourney imo :joy::joy:


I loved the tournament! Thank you Ludia for lowering the requirements. It was nice that things were evened out to be more open to more recent players. I know there are a lot of complaints on this thread but I personally can’t wait for the next tournament. It gives many of us an achievable goal to work towards to keep the game interesting & new:)