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[PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Season 4 [12/17]


Season 4

Top Prize Winner


  • Trophy Setting: Everyone above 4,500 trophies at the beginning of the 4th Seasonal PvP will be reset to 4,500 trophies + half of any trophies they had above 4,500 with a maximum possible starting number of 5,500. Players with trophy counts under 4,500 at the beginning of the Season will not be affected.
    • Important: Once Season 4 goes live, if your trophies are not reset, please re-launch your App. Any trophies acquired in battle prior to a reset will not be added to your final score.
  • Dates: December 17th to January 7th
  • Guaranteed Prize: Diplodocus DNA
  • Matchmaking system: See here for details:

Regular PVP rules apply

  • Everyone is part of the matchmaking pool for the Seasonal PvP based on the current PvP matchmaking rules except for flagged cheaters.
    • see “Cheaters” section below for details.
  • During the Season, regular PvP rules will apply to individual battles.
  • Use your team of 8 dinos you created in your roster.
  • Use 4 randomly chosen creatures from your team of 8 for each battle.
  • Defeat 3 of your opponent’s creatures to win each match.
  • Gain trophies when you win to increase your rank.
  • When 2 or more players have the same score on the Leaderboard, the tie-breaker will be time-based; the first one to have scored points will receive the advantage in rank.
  • No trophies are awarded for matches against AI.


  • Cheaters have been removed from the Leaderboard. For more information on Cheating and Consequences, please see the following section of the forum:
  • Furthermore, flagged cheaters will no longer be paired with non-flagged cheaters in PvP battle.

Season 4 Leaderboard

  • Outside the cap (maximum) at the beginning of the Season (see “Overview” for details), the Leaderboard will have no trophy cap.
  • Seasonal Leaderboard shows the top 500 players throughout the Season.
  • Leaderboard freezes at the end of the Season to determine winners.


  • Prizes awarded based on ranking at leaderboard freeze.
    • If a player is in the middle of a battle when the Season ends, the result will not affect your standings.
  • Please allow several days for winners notification.
  • Please look for an in-game mail to collect your prize.

Prize List for PvP Season 4

  • See prize tiers below.




Diplodocus was an epic right?


Oof…holding on in aviary has been rough post last season for my team.


Yes she’s epic


Fix damage calculation!


Do you just copy it from season3’s article? Leave JWA alone pls. Your oblivious conduct has ruined the franchise


Copy paste… please check your internet connection!


Fix the bugs first… Then do a tournement


Please stop.


@Jorge So I guess still to option to battle a bot to win an incubator but not affect trophy count. This would be nice to have near the end of tournament when players just want to fill their incubator spots and not risk falling out of the reward spot, like staying above 4500.

It wouldn’t help players in the top 500 as they would still lose ranking spots while battling a bot.


Too many tournaments. It means the stronger get stronger lol


“Cheaters have been removed from the leaderboard”. What a joke. Several known cheaters are still on the leaderboard. Your anti cheater policy needs some serious work Ludia.


Ask and you shall receive :smile:


Make it stop.

Please, make it separate.

I’d like to opt out, thanks.

So many have asked for this, yet it keeps happening. Maybe we should just stop paying, oh…lots did that already.


Everyone is part of the matchmaking pool for the Seasonal PvP



I am glad, thank you


:rofl: yay! Thank you @Hersh !!! Woohoo. Happy they are still regular and short. I like this format better.


Me too!!!
I really enjoy this format.
The brevity keeps it enjoyable but still competitive and the fact that soo many more players are eligible for some sort of reward was a nice touch too!