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[PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Season 4 [12/17]


Why do they have to keep doing these darn tournaments which some of us dont really want…cant they wait a couple mos to let us strengthen our team rather than have them every 2 weeks??? I dont like having to wait 2 weeks to get a incubator


Meh, I don’t see why all the complaining. You literally play the game the same as you currently are. Only difference is after a month you get a free reward. I fail to see why this is a negative.


Well, I’m excited. I really liked the last tournament so I’m happy to see one starting again so soon. I like being having goals to beat & I like free incubators:)

I don’t get why the people are complaining so much about free stuff. There is a lot of Debby Downers on this forum. I have to scroll through so much junk just to get to a few posts with good stuff that is actually interesting.


I think the real frustration is the top get all the good stuff which makes them stay there ha


Looking forward to it. :heart_eyes:

To those who want to opt out: I think this is coming in the next (or a future) update. Meanwhile, the trophy adjustment shouldn’t really affect anyone too much.

To those who wish they could improve/level their dinos before another tournament: What does it matter, so is everyone else (and you can do this during the tournament as well).

GL everyone!


No the top had to work their arse off to get to the top, and now they reap benefits to get just enough coin to power up their dinos.

Work hard and some day you, too, could get to the top.


Ha mate its a game lol and fyi how do you know i am not there? I have gotten a reward every tournament I am just lementing the frustrations that the rewards of the tournaments showed because many players started to get level 30s much quicker when they rolled out the tourneys.

I aint complaining like you said if ive invested as much timr and money id expect a similar return


You would have said, “makes us stay there”

But this isn’t my fight :v:t4:


Theres no fight to be had just discussion :slight_smile:


Why remove known cheaters? What does it give yall’s pay-to-win cheaters y’all decide to do nothing about too much competition in the tournaments…


Play arena like you always do and ignore it then? The first couple days are the only time its going to cram people that were way above beforehand down and you’ll still more likely to get matched with the people closer to your trophy count.


I mean, it’s gonna be cool to finally get the new dinosaur Diplodocus, but the real question is: When will we have a dinosaur reward that will reap benefits for something of great value down the road?

I was 95% convinced we were on track to get a Brachiosaurus hybrid with the combination of it being an incubator-exclusive, then arena reward, then available to the public, but sadly I had too high of hopes.

I think these short Tournaments are nice, they feel less taxing/gruesome to grind out. But that said, there’s little to no motive when the prize really doesn’t offer much value to chase after


While this is true, it’s a horrible system for Ludia if they want to keep people that haven’t shelled out paycheck after paycheck to get tons of level 30 uniques and legendaries. A lot of people have already quit because no one will ever advance after a certain point.

While everyone under then is actually working their asses off by not spending a lot of money, those people get huge rewards which pushes them ahead even farther, making whatever work we just put in for 3 months worthless.

It’s an issue because this is why people give up and quit. Progress isn’t actually progress when you stay in the same spot for months upon months.

The system needs changed.


The lower trophy count people shouldn’t be complaining when a tournament is announced. The side effect of the tournament is anyone that dropped down lower tiers will be moving up and out of the way.


Yay another “tournament” !!!


I was really REALLY hoping for some Darwinopterus DNA. Where can I get some of that. Think it will be a tough one to beat once leveled up and I loved playing a SIA team.


So the rewards for rank 11-250 are basically the same. Makes sense.


Should the top players in the world expect the likes of Carnotaurus, Secodontosaurus, Spino Gen 2, Proceratosaurus, Purrasaurus, Koolasuchus (gen 1 and 2 :grin:) , Concavenator, Stiggy Gen 2, Iguandon and the like to grace our incubators that we’ve spent the entire tournament trying to earn, as usual?

Oh boy, cant wait :+1:


I just can’t deal when you say ‘in the world’ :joy::joy:


Dude, if all you’ve gained in 3 months is 100k coins, someone else gaining some tournament rewards is the last thing impeding your progress.

Besides, how exactly do you imagine for everyone not to “be in the same spot” and advance in the ranks? When you advance, you literally push someone else down and then they are just as entitled to whine about it as you are.