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[PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Season 4 [12/17]


I would like the chance to choose if partecipate in or not…Maybe with some sort of “unranked battles”, or arcade mode, something like that…in this way you “force” (because come on, who’s not gonna play for the reward?) players to fight always with their best dinos…i would like to play with different teams and dinos without risking my trophy count, and outside of friendly battles because maybe some people can’t battle against friend so frequently due to work or personal commitments. In my opinion a system like this would confer a way greater variabilty to the game allowing players to enjoy it in a whole new way. Maybe a system with level cap for dinos in every arena (example: arena 1: level 1-5 dinos, arena 2: level 6-10 dinos and so on) in which you can choose which arena to fight in. Aside from tournament and aside from friendly battles.
I hope i have made the idea and in case forgive me for my English: :sweat_smile::rofl:


i say it just for you :kissing_heart:


The difference is that during tournaments, it’s freaking impossible to get your daily incubators.


Yay, another one. :roll_eyes:

About the only good thing about this one is I’ll be able to unlock the last hidden dino.

Here’s an idea for you Ludia - make the tournaments separate. That way, so those who need the validation in their lives can go chase the shiny things while the rest of us get on with our day.

Also, would you mind giving us players the option of choosing whether we fight other players or the AI? I’d far sooner give up trophies to get an incubator than lose an incubator because some starry-eyed up and comer has their sights set on the big leagues. DNA > Shiny thing with no use.


Why is there such a large prize gap between 2500 to 4500? Why not an incremental prize at 3500 and 4000? Additionally, I find even with dinos at levels 18, 19 & 20 I continually bounce between 3300 and 3600 trophies so a tournament for me is pointless, 4500 trophies is far far away so I am not motivated to chase for it.
Until my dinos reach higher levels and I unlock my first unique I will sit in this constant limbo. So be it.


Can we please get some of these game breaking bugs fixed first? Hopefully during this maint? Such as evasive going away during certain swaps?


And damage preview not working, speed indicator not correct, shields deactivating too soon.


If you don’t want to participate in the tournament then we shouldn’t have to, we all know its going to be same people in the top three again and again. And now with the daily missions of completing so many battles and opening incubators we really have no choice…

Its all a money making scheme to get us to spend spend spend… Funny as they keep saying no one is force to spend… Well don’t make it so difficult to progress then without spending cash.


Roll eyes… yep just what we needed, another frustraiting mandatory tournement that hardley anyone wants…

Get ready for the horrible tourney launch and the coming bottleneck that it brings. Guess I wont be participating in this one either, Close to 5k trophies so I will still get their pathetic rewards for doing nothing,… just like I did in the last tourney. Big incubator and not one single match the entire time.


Ludia have known scince the 2nd tournement not everyone wants to participate but have they listened of course not. Instead they continue to force this rubbish on us.

As for the prize incubators not even worth the effort you get better ones doing strikes


Couple good books I need to catch up on. Perfect timing actually… less game stress during the holidays. Just gonna be darting and doing strike towers.


One of the best actual rewards for the tournament is probably getting a lead on half the competition that miss out on opening incubators for 3 weeks trying to stick it to Ludia or whatever.


That doesn’t say much for the actual prizes then does it? If your smug sense of superiority is a better reward than the actual tournament rewards then someone at Ludia stuffed up.


Uh, what? The whole point of prizes in competitive games is getting ahead of competition. You’re talking as if it matters whether it’s by actually getting ahead or by having them fall behind.

You do realize that if everyone in the game gets a “prize” of permanent x1000 damage and x1000 hp on all their dinos, then nothing actually changes, right?


I realise that.


Then the only real prize is something you get and someone else doesn’t. Opening incubators for 3 weeks could be such a thing.


Yes, but you said it was one of the best rewards, implying that opening the incubators over the next 3 weeks while others were not was better than the prizes offered by Ludia, hence my point.

Though the “smug sense of superiority” was out of line.


Not exactly Ludia’s fault that someone decides to sacrifice that much because they’re afraid of losing a few battles. Incubators can even be received by afk battling (once you drop low enough to win at least sometimes).

Hypothetically someone might decide they’re not darting the 100 rexes they see during a tournament. Doesn’t mean tournament rewards should exceed 20k rex DNA.


New tournament, still the hame have a lot of bug (scent bug, connection error, etc) and still was about the luck instead of tactic. I’ve just play 8 arena i won only 1 and lost 7, i never dodge the opponent or get any single critical hit, while my opponent get the crit hits every arena and sometime 4 crit hits in a row how can player be fun with this. (If u lucky u won no matter what your tactics was)


Managed to get my Alanky to level 20 this morning, so I guess it’s time for a break from the arena.