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[PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Season 4 [12/17]


So not worth that new Dino, been trying to get out of Lockdown for four months, not risking going back as if I loose 1 or 2 times I’ll be booted out of Isla Sorna. So I’ll just sit this one out again as I always get Dino’s picked that can’t win…would rather pick my own dang it!


And we’re off!


Yes but loosing an average of 6 out of every 10 battles is no fun and constantly happening in game for three months now


Only means you’ve been progressing slower than your rivals and no longer deserve the rating you have.

Also this is a game where you’re not meant to win much more than 50% of the time unless you’re in the top 10, because most of your opponents are real people just like you.

If you tank your rating to where you’re currently supposed to be based on your team and skill, you’ll be winning your 5 out of 10.


Last week I dropped from the top of Jurassic Ruins ~3950 (8) to Nublar Jungle ~1500 (4) to get specific DNA and incubators. Had no issues climbing back through, until just this morning when I can’t beat anyone in the Marshes.

While I had no issues staying in upper Ruins a few days ago, today my team isn’t fit for the Marshes… has nothing to do with the tournament. I just wasn’t meant to be where I am now, about 1k trophies less than a few days ago. Yeah, sounds perfectly logical… said no logical person ever.

There was a CLEAR delineation of when my losing streak started, right when the tournament started. Coincidence, I guess.

The only issue I have with the tournaments are the inability to opt out/have it not affect those who do not wish to participate.

I guess I could cancel VIP and sit out until the end, in JANUARY.


I love the tournament, and my family (ranging from 2k to 5k trophies) love it too.


I’m not sure I get your point. What’s YOUR explanation for this? As soon as the tournament starts matchmaking is out to get you and only you specifically? RNG is out to get you specifically?

No way the wave pushing people back originating from people above 4500 having their trophies reduced has reached the 3k range yet.


You’re right, I’m simply not good enough to be around 3400 points, despite being above that for some time a few days ago.

Has nothing to do with Ludia extracting thousands of points from everyone above 4500.

Do you seriously believe it has zero impact on those below?

Points are a commodity, and the market just crashed. The leaders are now getting their points from where, exactly? By all means, explain. Thin air, perhaps? Magic?


I’ll try to say this slower.


For example, I’m not getting my points from anywhere at my 5k+ trophies. I haven’t battled after the reset yet, just like most other players.


Since you proclaim to have superior knowledge of “the wave”, where exactly is it now?

If you were at 4500, and you’re now at 5k, you effectively pushed someone from 4500 to ~4000.

They are battling and winning a percentage, if they went to 4k and back to 4500, someone else that was at 4k is at 3500.

It’s really not hard to comprehend.


Since most players have yet to battle after the reset, it has to be just starting out from 4500 downwards.



I reset to just about 4650 trophies and plan to wait a while before jumping back in.


Ah, no one is battling, you say.

Yeah, and I’m the “duh”.


You have the basics right, but fail to realize the time it takes for this to happen. For someone to be pushed down by 500 trophies they would need to play dozens of games. Not enough time has passed yet.


You were smart to remove that :joy::joy:



I’m not above saying incredibly stupid things once in awhile.

I’m just glad I realized…



I am going to have to rain on some parades… there’s something rotten in Demark and it’s not the herring.

In 30 minutes I lost over 500 trophies in 16 matches right in a row, I had one win out out 17. Lv 15 player with dinos18 to 20 and most of the dinos against me were 2 or 3 lower than me… I was at 3250 when this started and now I’m @ 2723. I’ve never had this kind of bad luck before…so guess I’ll just quit playing until this crappy tourney is over.
I just really wish I could play with the dinos I want instead of the crappy ones the game throws my way. Any ideas? Anyone?


It’s not a coincidence, the same thing has happened to me the last three tournaments. Got to the Marshes and now stuck in Lockdown again! Lost 527 trophies in 17 matches in 30 minutes. Yes really! And there’s no cheating? Right.


Cheating, not so much. I think it’s engineered RNG. My opinion, no evidence. Before anyone bashes me for saying this, it’s my opinion, unless you have contrary evidence, don’t judge.


That’s not what I was getting at, I was beating these same level dinos the week before the tourney…at a loss as to what the hang is wrong. Looking for information…and you can loose 500+ trophies in 30 minutes…what I am doing different? Nothing and the strategies worked yesterday…so
And to have this happen in the last 3 really… obviously I’m doing something really wrong.