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[PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Season 4 [12/17]


It might not be on your end. I run into streaks of players with lower level Dino’s that simply out play me. Sometimes they are the RNG players and just get lucky, but lately it has been just better players with their team.

It is pretty fun to watch, if you don’t mind losing. As the game is unfolding, I sit there going ‘How did they do that???’ They just have extremely good strategies with what they are given and can exploit weaknesses. Times like that I would love to have the ability to send them a short message “Well played!”


17 matches in 30 minutes? In what game?


In the battle arena of JWA…
…and the mystery has been solved. Apparently when I was battling some of my moves on my dinos were changed and I didn’t realize it until I read this on metahub about move changes to of course 3 of my team, my attacks weren’t doing what the were the day before… I’d been nerfed. It happened right after the reset.


Those changes didn’t go through. They were just text changes. You lost only due to yourself.


Hey Ludia what about fix your game? Why im facing guys with level 20+ legends/uniques with my level 16 legends?
Im having a hard time to stay at 3500 and then those guys come in and destroy my poor dinos
Not fair ludia :frowning:


Level up your dino. It same to everyone who come to ruins. Haha
I’m to. But after my team gain 1/2 level i m there.


When is the next tournament and how can i take part?


Great news : you are already part of this tournament as long as you do your regular battles. And if you meet the price requirements at the end you will get yourself some rewards :slightly_smiling_face:


Anybody know when we receive the rewards?


Usually the Friday after the tourney ends. So this coming Friday.


Probley in about a month


No I did not loose due to poor playing as you are suggesting…my moves were not doing what they had and my Dino’s kept loosing and I was using the moves the same way I had been not realizing they changed they weren’t even effective against lower levels. When I went and checked what the moves were doing they has different stats than before. The moves on my 3 best dinos changed to much I had to remove them from the team.


Incorrect. They were doing exactly as they had been before. Only the text was changed, the changes reflected in the text weren’t implemented.


It would have been fine and for the next tournament for those in the trophy range between 4000 to 4500 give an opportunity to award an epic incubator. There were many who were level 15 and had superhybrids that are achieved at levels 16 up. Review it better than before, please.

Hubiera estado bien y que para el siguiente torneo para los que están en el rango de trofeos entre 4000 a 4500 den oportunidad de premio una incubadora épica. Hubo muchos que eran nivel 15 y tenían superhíbridos que se consiguen en niveles 16 para arriba. Revísenlo mejor que antes, por favor.


And you’re wrong 2 of the moves I was using to counter certain attacks had completely changed what they were doing and stopped working, so time for a switch out.


What are the moves?


I would like to complain about the reward: I’m in lockdown with 2588 trophies and I didn’t got either the rare incubator or the Diplodocus DNA


It’ll take a few days, you’ll get it around the end of the week.


Its always been friday


i don’t think is so strange even if someone of lower level beats you, i have this difference in levels the majority of the time and i win the majority of the battles (obviously not that one lol). I really had to put effort to reach the 2500+ trophies at my level but is not about cheating, even if you are some levels above is not said that you will win.