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[PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Season 5 [01/17]


Season 5

Top Prize Winners


  • Trophy Setting: Everyone above 4,500 trophies at the beginning of the 5th Seasonal PvP will be reset to 4,500 trophies + half of any trophies they had above 4,500 with a maximum possible starting number of 5,500. Players with trophy counts under 4,500 at the beginning of the Season will not be affected.
    • Important: Once Season 5 goes live, if your trophies are not reset, please re-launch your App. Any trophies acquired in battle prior to a reset will not be added to your final score.
  • Dates: January 17th to February 4th
  • Guaranteed Prize: Erlikosaurus DNA
  • Matchmaking System: See here for details:

Regular PVP rules apply

  • Everyone is part of the matchmaking pool for the Seasonal PvP based on the current PvP matchmaking rules except for flagged cheaters.
    • see “Cheaters” section below for details.
  • During the Season, regular PvP rules will apply to individual battles.
  • Use your team of 8 dinos you created in your roster.
  • Use 4 randomly chosen creatures from your team of 8 for each battle.
  • Defeat 3 of your opponent’s creatures to win each match.
  • Gain trophies when you win to increase your rank.
  • When 2 or more players have the same score on the Leaderboard, the tie-breaker will be time-based; the first one to have scored points will receive the advantage in rank.
  • No trophies are awarded for matches against AI.


  • Cheaters have been removed from the Leaderboard. For more information on Cheating and Consequences, please see the following section of the forum:
  • Furthermore, flagged cheaters will no longer be paired with non-flagged players in PvP battle.

Season 5 Leaderboard

  • Outside the cap (maximum) at the beginning of the Season (see “Overview” for details), the Leaderboard will have no trophy cap.
  • Seasonal Leaderboard shows the top 500 players throughout the Season.
  • Leaderboard freezes at the end of the Season to determine winners.


  • Prizes awarded based on ranking at leaderboard freeze.
    • If a player is in the middle of a battle when the Season ends, the result will not affect your standings.
  • Please allow several days for winners notification.
  • Please look for an in-game mail to collect your prize.

Prize List for PvP Season 5

  • See prize tiers below.

Finally Erliko is being Featured!
[News] Jurassic World Alive | Cheating & Consequences


Give us a break!!


I have just recovered from the PTSD of the last season… LUDIA PLS


Erlikosaurus DNA!?! :eyes:


Which part of “we do not like tournaments this often!” don’t you get?

And Erlikosaurus DNA as reward. This is an absolute joke. Tournament rewards have always been creatures without important hybrids, now you’re giving away the creature we all want in a featured week. Just to spite us “HA! Earn it, you losers!”


Yeah so first place is gonna have a 30 erlidominus already :joy:

Also why does top 250 and 4500 get the same erlikosaurus? Cuz we get $3 of cash and coins too? :joy:


Thanks for listening to us and setting Erliko as the Epic DNA reward!!
Hopefully, there are some events which reward us Erliko DNA too.

For me, that seems to be the best part of this tournament :smiley:


So you finally admit you’ve known about those all along and there’s no intention to do something about it? :joy:

Edit: GJ editing it out and continuing to ignore the issue.


The next 3 weeks have already been datamined. Zero creatures we’ve been asking for. They’re not listening.


Thank you for listening to us and making the cycle between seasons shorter. I think we can all agree that eventually making seasons consecutive to do away with the offseason periods in between would be even better, but this is a step in the right direction :+1:


This game is fading. Even Ludia themselves don’t want to by any means resurrect. They know they are toppling and trying to grab as much as they can before that. You tell how their attitude is like by the look of reward table. Don’t get confused why they award you erliko this time. Because if not, how much uproar they will have to deal with?


Yes what is a “non-flagged cheater” and why are they not flagged and why are they still allowed to cheat?

There were even metahub people coming to you with indisputable proof of cheaters and they were still allowed to place last season. hopefully something is done about this justin time for this season.


Removed, huh? How come we can still see a couple? :roll_eyes:


This is the reason I stopped playing Family Guy the Quest for Stuff! They started out doing special event cash grabs at the beginning on holidays than ramped it up till the game is nothing but one continuous event! One after the other! It’s like they don’t care about the players! Sounds familiar? It’s too bad that all the whales here don’t get together and start our own similar game and actually listen to the players!


While I like the reward and finally have a reason to go all out, I thought the next tournament format would be different.

We keep seeing the same faces at the top. Everyone already knows where they’re gonna end up. Please, please implement a separate tournament ladder where everyone is set to level 26 so that we’re on an even playing field. By all means nerf or exclude getting incubators from these tournament ladder battles so people are still incentivised to battle on the regular ladder, but a tournament should be a test of skill, not a test of investment poured into the game, be that time or money.

Also what’s this about non-flagged cheaters being on? :joy:


Naming and shaming is against forum rules, this is a pre-emptive warning.


So instead of responding to the plentiful criticism here you warn someone for pointing out the obvious? :thinking:



Not only do you ignore our cries to fix the game and do something about cheaters before starting another tournament, you make the guaranteed dna something incredibly useful so said cheaters can have a lvl 30 erli if they didn’t already have one.

Are you trying to get legitimate players to demand refunds?