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[PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Season 5 [01/17]


TY master may i have another!!


Another tournament to spam draco gen2 :smiley: before it gets the nerf hammer


Is naming and shaming companies along the lines of “BOOOOO, Ludia, BOOOOOO!” allowed?


I see cheaters have two categories now.

The “they didn’t give us enough money” group and “we’re too spineless to ban cuz we like money” group.


On a serious note, I’d generally be all for non-stop tournaments, they keep me motivated. I also like the step in the direction that rewards should be, you know, rewards, not Dsungaripterus.

But with complete silence on

  1. the cheater issue
  2. the non-Vip supply drop event “boost” that actually cuts the loot in half

and some other issues
this seems as if the whole JWA staff was cut to like 1 person and he’s desperately trying to do something. Anything.


If you ever wondered how Ludia sleeps at night, knowing they let the paying cheaters continue to play without doing anything about it. Here’s your answer.



Good thing that they finally resolved speed ties and handled display bugs plus cheaters before the new tournament. Can’t wait! Thanks for listening :hugs:



…So er, what about the next update? You know, the thing that players actually want to hear about?


You sure about that? I fought a good few of them yesterday…


We really don’t need constant back to back tournaments. They are fun-ish but we need a break between them.


Good point. I find it really confusing that in order to be competitive you have to level up dinos for this tournament but with the update around the corner you never know which good dino will get nerfed (so you spend a lot of coins and than boom :D)


The beatings will continue until morale improves.


Okay… moving past all the “tournament so soon” and spoofer feedback (not much more to say that hasn’t been said already)

I don’t understand why someone who ranks #101 should get the same amount of prize DNA as someone with 4500 trophies?

*Constructive criticism aside, I greatly appreciate the award being more relevant DNA


I see you’re really listening to player feedback and fixing your game and stuff…


Well then, I guess I’ll be staying clear of the arena for the next few weeks. On the plus side, I’ll finally get to unlock Erlikosaurus.


At least i dont have to try too hard this tourney since the rewards arent too different 250 and below


Surprised at another one so soon - personally (and I know its an unpopular opinion) I would rather the next tournament started as soon as the previous one ended; more annoyed that I pushed for 5000+ trophies over the weekend and now am going to lose a chunk to the reset. Not counting my DNA before I win it, but 500 Eliko should be enough to start fusing Erlidominus.


And thats why i wont participate in the tournament…just sitting on lvl20 with my legendaries and waiting what brings 1.6.

Alredy dropped arenas to increase my chances of kentro…meybe will climb back to 2500 just for the minimum erlikos.
(Thats a big gap between 250 and 500 erlikos in trophies…not worth for me, cause i brobably would have to level up my 20es and create uniques which mey get a hard nerf come 1.6…like my monomim got the last time)


Erlikosaurus is really the draw to compete this time and they’ve handicapped any effort some players would make if the reward were better differentiated between the ranking tiers.

Doesn’t make sense and seems like something they’d want to do if their purpose to A. Make money and B. Keep players interested without an update/migration/bug fixes/cheater bans etc


Thank you Sir!

Please may I have another?