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[PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Season 5 [01/17]


So what money spent threshold does a cheater have to hit before they become a non-flagged cheater?
I’m assuming this is the one and only distinction between flagged and non-flagged cheaters?


So again no time to improve team to be able to compete for higher rewards.

Really good DNA reward though.


No time but also I’m not gonna waste the coins because we don’t know what nerfs are coming


I’m currently sitting on more coins and dna than I’ve ever had, and I refuse to use them until I know what 1.6 will bring. I might get an alliance dna request a couple times a weeks and I give the max to all of them because I’m not using any of it and know I’ll get more.

I also haven’t done a single battle since two days into the last tournament.



EDIT: It’s sort of ironic that they start these seasons to lure people into spending more money, when they would probably stand to make a lot more by giving people what they actually want, new content and bug fixes.


Ludia business practices have always been poorly designed… there is a reason this game sits below 179 other apps that make more money. They just shoot themselves in the foot all the time. Like 1.5 hit and people wanted to buy arena one time offers for the new arenas they were being placed in and a bug prevents them from getting it. And ludias like sorry nothing we can do.


Ludia doesn’t care anymore, they didn’t even care to design the reward table, used to be colorful but now it’s black and white. They give up on this game, so should we!


Meanwhile, at Ludia HQ



Read a great book waiting out last month’s tournament. Time to pick another.


Fair enough no one has named and shamed though… But hey why won’t Ludia do something about the non flagged cheaters then?


Free 250 Big Bird DNA :dna:!


Interesting. You guys don’t even know what your players really need/want.
So I am telling you:

  1. Is a new tournament becoming means no new update until 2/4?
    If that’s true, NO. And the latest tournament just ended last week.
    Actually I don’t feel like to be so much competitive at this moment.

  2. Yes we ask for a Erliko event, thanks. But we are not asking a Erliko reward ONLY BENEFIT FOR TOP 100. If you can release a weekly event contain Erliko, even 6 attempts, all of us can collect more than 500 DNA by ourselves.

  3. Tournament itself need some change, not always repeat the same things.
    For example, No hybrid or No legendary & unique limited tournaments. That would make battle more divergence.

  4. Most important of all.


weren’t we though?



So…I just edited one of my reply in this thread.
Then it got hidden, the only change I’ve made is…


Why? We can’t even try to let our sound literally been heard? :thinking:


Excellent - just got a 24 hour incubator from the arena - can now sit out the first 24 hours of madness

How can I understand which season are we?

It’s nice that the reward is erlikosaurus but the distribution is kinda screwed up if u think about it. The people who are gona get first, second and third place probably already have level 30 erlidominus or at least 29ish or up there. My point is the majority people who want it will be lucky to get 500 erliko dna, while the people who need it the least will get thousands of it. You know how much dna you need to get a level 11 erlikosaurus to 20? 3000! And you need 200 to have just one pop at erlidominus and that could get u at worst just 10 dna (when your gona need 250 just to unlock him). Again it’s nice that the reward is erliko but it’s hard to be honestly happy when u kno you’ll prob only get 500 which will only get u 2 tries at erlidominus and maybe one level up for erlikosaurus for those who don’t got him at level 20.


If you go to L3 area and throw an epic scent during the day, you most likely will be able to get Golden Turkey and dart 200 of it. It’s all good, don’t feel down. X


YES, thank you ludia, now I need free spinosaurus GEN 2 DNA




love how this USED to read “non-flagged cheaters”.
we all saw it :eye: :eye: