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[PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Season 5 [01/17]


Me too!! I’ll gladly sit out of the first day of tournament madness.


some flagged players became non-flagged players and occupy 1/3 of top 50 on the LB…

they hit a trophy score of 30000+ when they were flagged…now they did some laundry and come back…


Looks like it’s time to avoid the arena again for a few weeks. Since Ludia hasn’t implemented an opt out option for tournaments yet. Survival instinct and all.


I’m going to do an experiment. I have never, ever received kentro and very rarely anky from incubators. I’m dropping down to the bottom arenas to see if I can specifically farm that dna instead of the stuff I get out of the full run of 10 arenas.

If it doesn’t work, then oh well. I get to play with lower, varied dinos for a bit, then I’ll come back up for the epic incubator prize.


You can get anky reliably from arena 1… but its like 7 dna an incubator.


7 more than I get now. :wink: It’s mostly Kentro I’m after, though. My ankykentro still isn’t even lvl 20, and Tryko is one of only 3 dinos I haven’t even made yet.




And now they changed it to a designed reward table.

Thanks for Ludia staff soooo much.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
At least one report been received and solved!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


We’ve got numbers between 500 and 1000… I wouldn’t have minded a few additional edits with that redesign :confused:


Maybe its just me but i feel like 250-101 should reward 750 erlick dna…


As someone who will not place in the top 500, much less 250, I disagree… :sweat_smile::rofl::rofl:

Really, though, I generally agree that the reward tiers start off too level and get crazy high with just the top handful.


I wont place in the top 500 either… and it doesnt make sense to me that ill get the same amount of erli that someone in the top 200 will…


The crazy part is, 500 is only 2.5 fusings of erlidom. The darn Golden Chicken is so rare that this reality is enough to get folks frothing.


Yeah top 200 should get atleast 3 fuses… lol


I’m surprised they didn’t make it 499 :rofl:


750 DNa for 101-500 would make sense to me … and then keep the rest as is


What causes a post to be flagged? Anything non-offensive that Ludia doesn’t like? Come on hurry up Wizards Unite.


Wizards unite? Dr. Wu?


They’ll just me 10s anyway… Just sayin’… I wonder if the people in L5 have a minimum dna fuse of higher than 10.


Yep. Had a not-so-positive-feedback post caught by the filter 2 days ago and it’s still neither approved nor was I notified I broke some rule. Really they just hide whatever they don’t like.