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[PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Season 5 [01/17]


Theyre not out yet


When are they coming


They always come out on Friday.


There should be a pinned/stickied post at the top of the forum at the end of every tournament that says rewards don’t go out until Friday. We see this same question asked multiple times through the week when the tournament ends.


They actually used two spoofers’ names in the pic for the end-of-season announcement :man_facepalming:

All hail the spoofers!


I‘m a bit confused don‘t they send out the rewards Friday at 10 o‘clock?


They did. 10 am eastern


I didn‘t get my reward. And I was over 3,5k trophies when tournament ended.


Dont know man. I got mine. Shouldprobably contact support


When is season 6!?!? I can’t wait for the new platform!!!


Just curious if this happens before or after the leaderboard is frozen and placement/rewards are set? Would be great to see a before and after of the leaderboard posted publicly. I don’t care about naming and shaming players who are removed, but seeing new player names being moved up to the leaderboard would be a huge encouragement.