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[PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Season 6 [03/07]


This a million times. Can’t wait to to lose 80% of my speed ties and being dragged down by some L5 hunters. Yay !!


Imagine that.

I’m guessing they take half the top ten this time, and the top spot.


Nope. Cheaters still there. Currently #1, #5, #6. Then I stopped looking


:smiley: wise words


I agree, it’s like “we want your permission to have the last Pizza Slice while munching on it”


Considering the complete lack of any other official comments about the rampant cheating, anyone else feel this is trolling?

Perhaps this announcement should be removed due to forum rules and a new one should be made that would include:

  1. An honest summary of the current state of your work on the cheating issue.
  2. Resolution of speed ties.
  3. Rewards based on highest achieved trophy count instead of trophy count at the time of tournament end.
  4. Introduction of the survey-leaked opt-in “new Tournaments”




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All you lot saying so and so are cheaters do you have definite proof they are cheating?

Cus it’s OK saying it but without proof means nothing.


Logic and a thorough understanding of the game is a good foundation @Kristen_Jackson_Roe.

But I have no intention of watching a rerun of this “how do you know if they are really a cheater?” conversation. Take a lesson from Ace of Base, open up your eyes and see the signs. :eyes:


There was a thread previously that posted irrefutable evidence of some spoofers, but I can’t find it. If I could I’d check to see if those players have indeed been “removed from the leaderboard”, but since the tourney announcement is simply CUT AND PASTE with a few text changes, I highly doubt anything has been done.

My idea for fair tournaments in which the best player, not just the deepest pockets, could win is here… I'm on a roll -- my next topic - TOURNAMENTS!


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So no proof just your word…

I know exactly how the games played cheers


You forgot logic :wink:


The one asking for proof is probably a cheater. I’ll just stop playing till the tourney ends. I’m in an alliance with my wife and we both agreed to sit this one out and just collect our prize at the end. Thanks for nothing Ludia your word is as good as a fart you can’t trust it.




Damn you are hilarious :joy: :joy: :joy:
Oh boy just cus I want proof im automatically a cheater.

I’m no where near where cheaters may or may not reside! My team isn’t great…

I just don’t believe in accusing without proof.


Let’s see the proof!


Hardly a cheaters team :joy: I’m proud of it tho :joy:


Aside all the obvious points that have been made, how is the highest trophy thing an improvement?
All people will do is switch to RNG teams and battle as long as it takes for a lucky streak up, no need to be a consistent and decent decissionmaker, just play until indo dodges 7 times per game.