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[PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Seasonal - April 2020

Why would it be great? It only helps people those who want the snake. Unique snake is not even good. Why both daily quest and pvp rewards are the same? Why not keep them seperate and help more people?
What a disappointment

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…See now I REALLY regret wasting FIPs on the snake.

Is there any chance we could know a month in advance what we’ll be fighting for? I’m kinda disappointed at having April the month of Titan and nothing else.

Great so the first month I wasted all my sanc items to make the unique before the 1.13 update and got it to 22 and now we are flooded in this dna. Ugh. Guess I’ll save it for another hybrid.

I am actually very annoyed with the scheduling. We have 1 week of meaningless arena playing which will be erased next week. So those in Nublar are being punished with time wastage because they have the gall to push to 6k plus trophies?

Not gonna call Ludia what they are. But that is a “greedy” decision.

That was Tryko or DioRaja in 1.4.

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Nah tryko at least had two rampages; now dioraj that was trash

Especially with swap in ferocity

My entire alliance FIPed the snake.
I just didn’t get why.

I feel so vindicated. LOL


Same here. Level 14 Snake, was wondering when I should FIP to get it to 15, but now I know not too

I FIPed for a while. I still got a long way to go for constrictor so all this extra boa will allow me to focus on spino and the new stuff.

I FIP it till I got SpinoCon then stopped. Its decent but not worth spending FIP once you have better stuff like Mammoth and Grypho/Diplo

Completely agree. The kit is good but It was already too weak before the nerf. It really needs the damage back and a good hp buff to work well. Getting a better on escape ability like for exemple, on escape Lockdown Impact or even titanoboa’s on escape rampage would be really nice too. Not only spinoconstrictor, but the other bleeders honestly didn’t need a nerf at all.

Could you please give this feedback to the team @Ned? :grin:

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i mean, thyla kinda had a bit much HP for doing literally all/ almost all of its opponent’s hp in 2 hits. i can see the hp nerf there. (case can be made for masupial to get a hp decrease as well.) All the other bleeders tho were not really justified. They were already kinda frail.

Stilling waiting on April Fool’s no double snakes


But 450 hp is A LOT! It didn’t need such a harsh nerf. Thyla was a cool bleeder that was barely relevant in the end game, It had a very niche use, and now with such a harsh hp nerf, the stat It needed the most to work it’s kit, it’s not worth using anymore. Really such a waste :frowning_face:
I could understand and deal with 4300-4400 hp but 4050 is just hammering. It wasn’t such a strong creature that It needed any nerf at all, especially being a bleeder.

i felt this creature balancing was them throwing darts on a dart board (more like just looking at game stats and not looking for a why). i expect to see some more changes made next update to bring things back and rework some more questionable changes. (weather that’s nerfing other things so that the original nerfed counters still do their job, or buffing them.)

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True but you also got to remember it was slow and it had really weak base damage and is instant stopped by distraction and evasion, and yet proRat who is like way more broken got nothing lol

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I mean basically sucho is not better since it has the bulk to survive

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I really hope so. Especially buffing the bleeders. Balancing dinos like Gemini and mammolania will also help. The growing amount of DoT immune creatures doesn’t help the meta.


I fell some just are good at being bleeders, at least long surviving ones: spinota while a king in its time is now easily counter any cleansing, regeneration, mutual fury, dig-in, or just pain immunity destroys its also it doesn’t help that its fast: now you may ask - well why is that a bad thing is hitting first good. Yes and no, it’s good that you hit first and can instant apply that bleed… but it also means you will also just as likely to have that bleed instantly cleansed meaning you basically just wasted your only real chance at beating your opponent.