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[PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Seasonal - August 2019

Hello fellow DPG member,

Please review how the PvP Seasons work here:


  • Start: August 05, 2019
    • Normally, Seasons will commence on the first Monday of the month, with the exception of holidays observed in Canada, in which case it will be pushed to the following day (Tuesday).
  • End: September 03, 2019

Guaranteed Creature DNA

  • Ankylosaurus

Reward Tiers




Thankfully they took the feedback from the previous season and clearly applied it to this season.

Oh wait.


Finally some anky! He’s really hard to get otherwise. My tryko is waiting to be leveled up to team level, and dioraja is waiting to be created.


So that’s it.
They aren’t going to fix it.
Guess I’ll go all out when the flag drops and try and lockin a good high score before I drop.
This used to be such a great game.


I’m happy to be getting Anky so :+1: Ludia

However, where am I meant to get tournament exclusive DNA from now? Or will my Skoolasaurus and Dsungaia be forever stuck at Lvl 16 and Gemini (after creature of the month) be locked at 100/250 (speculating fuses here)


Please give Alliance leaders tools to be able to monitor their team during tournaments. At the moment we’re completely on our knees, because the only thing visible to our Alliance leader is the max trophy during tournament. So, if a player doesn’t play for 3 weeks, none of us will ever know.

Please fix the flippin’ bugs and all the wonky items in the game. Sanctuaries need functions to swap from one to the next one in line without being kicked back to the main map. Also they need a function allowing players to research for specific dinos (like “in which sanctuaries do we have Tarbo? I need that DNA”), going through all of them every time (and you’re forced to, since every sanctuary has different proprietors over its two week life span) is a HUGE pita.

Please fix the flippin matchmaking, and the bugs tied to battles with AI (how many times we click “battle with AI” and are timed out?)

Also please give all players who invested boosts, coins, and money to boost Magna (or any dino you nerfed just because) back their money, coins, and boosts: you killed the dino because one morning someone woke up deciding it was not ok as it was, so, you HAVE to pay us back

Thank you



This crappy company will never learn…


Glad to get ankylosaurus dna but I know I won’t be getting much. I’ll be lucky to hit the 4k trophies

if im not wrong, people are asking for kentro since alliances were released.

if ludia opens a restaurant, you order a coke and get a pepsi.

I’d rather not have kentro I’ve thousands of it :joy:

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and i have thousands of anky. :laughing:
i was only thinking about other members askings. well, this was months ago anyway. but i remember people asking for kentro from daily missions too, but ludia choosen smilo, then some asked kentro and ludia choosen pachy.

well, people asked many others too, not just kentro. but no pachy or smilo, haha.

im thinking of ask pepsi then. ludia seems to bring the opposite of people want.

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ludia, I got 4800 trophies but I didn’t get anything
from the last season.

is this normal?

screw the battle arena

ludia U all stinks

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You need to hit the collect button where the battle button normal is to collect rewards.

Why so little DNA for us, newer or lower level players, and so much for high level ones? I’m around 300 trophies which means I’ll get 150-200 DNA, while higher levels are getting 4000-6000. I mean, of course those who do better must get more DNA, but such a huge difference, they’re getting TWENTY-THIRTY TIMES MORE, so they’ll be even better and increase a lot their distance to the regular players (I started playing about 2-3 months ago), we’ll never get even close to them…


When do you get the prize? I was at 4806 trophies but didnt get any prizes…

As per my above post you need to hit the collect button where the battle button normally.