[PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Seasonal - December 2020

Hi DPG members!


Please review how the PvP Seasons work here: https://ludia.gg/JWA19_FR_SeasonRelaunch


  • Start: December 07, 2020
  • End: January 04, 2021

Guaranteed Creature DNA

  • Dsungaripterus

Reward Tiers


It leased its exclusive :smiley:


isnt this the one with a new uinque, yes.

Nope. But it could get one soon.

It’s legendary is sucky sadly

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Hopefully dsungia gets a hybrid soon


Another day, another yawn…


i’ll take it. not what it was expecting tho. but i can at least get its hybrid to lv 20.


I think the one year anniversary for dsungia not getting a hybrid has already passed, I’m not sure how I feel on this one

Be prepared to see more droppers than usual. Absolutely no reason to go for a high score with this creature. Dsungaia used to be good but is now trash. The most efficient thing to do is to farm and speed up incubators this month. Not that I will do it though.


More garbage. They never fail to disappoint.

I think his hybrid will come really ,really soon.
If i am not mistaken,it will be more likely in atleast 2 update,at max probably 3.

Well, many people have said that about a certain epic hybrid. @Dimodactylus can tell you about hoping for a hybrid


The case of dsungaia is very different.
It have one exclusive component and can be eligible to receive a unique hybrid.
Ludia need 1 unique which require exclusive component which have not appear yet.
Actually,as i said:antarctovenator (this month),monolorhino,utarinex and poukandactylus have not appear yet in alliance rewards.
Last update bring us Antarctovenator and poukandactylus to refill the “uniques’s exclusives” possibility.
Only a few candidate can bring a new unique which require exclusive.
Dsungaia,keratoporcus,alloraptor,acrocanthops and grylenken.
One of those 5 have more probability to receive a unique than anything else.
And because dsungaripterus is the seasonal,i would bet it is the next one.


While very true, that doesn’t mean much. They can always release new exclusives.

Yes,of course.
but if there is only one with exclusive per month, they will have to take care of it fairly early unless they run out of stock and change their plan.

oh well, not great, but atleast I can get a few more fuses on its hyrbid

Take out the ‘s’ and the ‘aripterus’ and that is what I think of this prize. Who knows maybe it will lead to a unique that is not as bad as the legendary.

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When people say they don’t want Dsungaripterus season :cry: