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[PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Seasonal - February 2020



Never thought I’d run out of this one while leveling Tarkus, but I did, so… Yeah. Bring it on.

My Moo Moo will appreciate this a lot.


Not great, but we had worse before. :grin:




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I mean I guess it’s ok would preferred wue, dimetrodon, dracorex, or tenato but guess I can work with this

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Happy with that.

Yes please. Tarkus to Lvl 27 with this me thinks

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Why the time we get to the rare baryonyx I won’t need it anymore. :-/

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Am I going to be the first to comment that Purussaurus is a Rare, not an Epic so the graphic has the wrong background? @E.D.

They always have yellow backgrounds.

Oh! Huh, will you look at that? I guess it’s usually an Epic so I never noticed that before!

Can’t you give us Irritator already???


I want bajadasaurus!

Ooh ooh does this mean March is phoru??? Super pumped!!!

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I’m unable to collect the January 2020 monthly Season award - it was hard getting to Nublar Shores with only one Level 30 (Thor 10/10/10) and the rest avg at lvl 27.
Yet another JWA app bug!

Read the updated portion at the top, they said that people will be given their proper rewards over the coming weeks.

The in game counter says reset is in 36 hours, however this announcement says it would end in 12 hours…

Which is it?

36 hours. The previous season ended 24 hours late so i guess it continues to this season. Would love the extra day to grind Allo G2 in arena instead of waiting 2 mins in Nublar.