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[PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Seasonal - January 2020

Hello fellow DPG members,


Please review how the PvP Seasons work here:


  • Start: January 06, 2020
  • End: February 03 , 2020

Guaranteed Creature DNA

  • Stygimoloch

Reward Tiers

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Unless it gets another hybrid, I’m not interested in that one. But the Arambourgiania of this season will be great!


Not that exciting, I’ll still take it though. It’s free after all.

It’s ok, could be worse. Not like I play arena for the reward anyway, so i’ll take it as it’s free dna.

Can we get the rare irritator already?


I want Majungasaurus to be the next seasonal creature!


Finelly we can drop arena without losing good or even medicore PvP rewards. Thanks Ludia for a month of easy wins.


You’ve gotta be kidding me. Why, why, why? Why are you forcing players to go through the nightmare of trophy reset and force them to lose hours of their lives for their daily incs to get this useless abomination that is Stygy? Long time players will have thousands of unspent DNA for this one for obvious reasons; short time players won’t have tons, but if they are smart, they won’t even start leveling the thing up to generate the most useless of uniques of all times.

This will only result in strong players downgrading arenas for easy wins for a whole season.

Very stupid idea Ludia


Sweet! What’s the daily? I want to decide whether or not to take January off of PvP.

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Oh boy, the time-outs are only going to get worse now!

Can you please fix the bug that causes time-outs in the first place? I should be getting the AI option when an opponent can’t be found, not the constant time-outs.


Hmmm… On the bright side Inc grinding for alliance missions in Library will start immediately.

maybe velociraptor for next season…lol … even i have 300,000 dna at hand

==>>we need new epic dna, not old stuff please!!!


Gotta wat for April sorry (datamind).

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Seriously! Is it a joke?

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I’m certainly interested in getting more stygimoloch DNA so I can level up my paramoloch. However, I feel like doing tons of battles is a bit tedious for me. Plus, turamoloch isn’t that good, either. Maybe if tura had better stats more people would be motivated to earn stygi DNA?

Maybe they will fix tourmoloch so it’s useful and then all the stygi dna will be worth something.

Slowing shielding strike, instant rampage, stunning strike and run, nullifying impact. Immunity from decel. Swap in giant meteor. Will be nerfed once sufficient boosts are applied.

Those could be good moves! I’ve actually been working on a possible list of moves for tuora. Personally, I think it would be good as a stunner/speed control tank.

Here are my thoughts for improving tuoramoloch:


  1. Shielded Strike (possibly with Deceleration)
  2. Greater Stunning Rampage
  3. Thagomizer
  4. Regenerate and Run (possibly with cleanse)


  • Stun and Deceleration

STATS (lvl. 21):

  • Good health (keep same or increase by 150-200)
  • Medium attack (800-950?)
  • Decent speed (114-120?)

These changes aren’t perfect, but I feel like they’d make tuoramoloch way better. Especially since it’s a unique dinosaur, it should have better stats than most legendaries.

Tuora could also use a swap-in-stun move. Or maybe instead, it could have a Regen/Stun/Run move instead of Regen/Run?

With the abilities I put here, perhaps the counter-attack should be removed too? I want to keep tuoramoloch balanced, but still have it be a good creature.

The daily is Blue until 13th January.

Too bad … very bad choice of reward again.

Pachy would be 10 times better than Stygimolach.

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