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[PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Seasonal - January 2020

It’s not really a choice, it’s just the next in line. Check the arena exclusive creatures.
February: Purussaurus
March: Phorusracos
April: Irritator
May: Stygimoloch gen 2
June: Baryonix gen 2
July: Gallimimus
August: Pachycephalosaurus

Well, let’s hope they change things after April…

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Another useless month, are you kidding me?? As if it wasn’t flooding the incubators enough… :rage:


I dunno. I’d be happy for changes after June.

And miss out on that sweet gallimus dna?

great I’ll add it to my pile of like 7k of unused stigy

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Probably should have went with Rattata instead of Stygi, it evolves into something better.

I’ll take all your alls unwanted Stygi DNA. :laughing:

exchange your turtle with my stygi, is that ok?

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Give us darwin or gryposuchus season reward not that thing