[PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Seasonal - July 2019

Hello fellow DPG member,

Please review how the PvP Seasons work here.: https://ludia.gg/JWA19_FR_SeasonRelaunch


  • Start: June 27, 2019
    • Normally, Seasons will commence on the first Monday of the month, with the exception of holidays observed in Canada, in which case it will be pushed to the following day (Tuesday).
    • The earlier start date of this first Season is further a unique situation given the relaunch of the feature and the holiday (Canada Day 07/01).
  • End: August 05, 2019

Guaranteed Creature DNA

  • Pyroraptor

Reward Tiers


Seriously this little bit of DNA is all we get? The weekend events at least give cash/coins. What a waste. Guess the seasonal tournaments are a waste of time now


I’ll never need more pyroraptor DNA until i manage to get 40k Irritator DNA. Barely a prize at all.


This looks great for everyone not in the top 10. Sure some coins would be nice. But striving for a higher level for more pyro DNA and not worrying about falling out of a place you reached seems wonderful.

Thinking about it. A top 3 prize should be there for those who clearly love the game and have worked hard to get to where they are.


Yes. at the very least. Thank you.


Canada Day is not a real holiday.


I think the season clearly needs a winner. Not much of a competition without one.


If all you get is DNA, maybe they could have let you pick from a few choices. Those who finished Magna are essentially getting nothing


This little DNA for a month of fighting??? It’s ridiculous.


This doesn’t make much sense. Rewards in previous PvP seasons were more rewarding, at least for the top 3 players.

I’ve never been in top 500 during PvPs but believe me I always wanted to be in top 10, just for a single motivation, and that was rewards. Now it feels I’d better settle down for top 500. It’s a shame that someone will work so hard, just to get something that they might not even need. A person with 6450+ trophy count would definitely have powerful team with Level 30 Magna, what would they do with 6000 Pyro dna? At least give them a good amount of hard cash and coins along with this petty dna count.


This format is not very encouraging. The prize range by trophy is fine for me, but they should keep the leaderboard! It’s the competition with clear leaderboard is what made us players work hard for our team.


it would better be a 5 days tourney rather than a 5 weeks one…

too exhausting!!!


I’m ok with this more friendly format because it let out all the frustration for the leaderboard and the fear of fighting to lose trophies, and consequently camping. This type of tournament will not see decrease in active players in the arena as we saw all the previous seasons.


@Ludia_Developers please have a thumbs down/ dislike or a broken heart button for posts. It’ll be easy for everyone to see how many people disliked the post.


Ludia’s logic :

  • 30k cash for a 2 days tournament where you get rewarded for boosting random dinos

  • few k of not so needed dna for top teams to reward a month of battles through boosts with long earned teams…

Honestly that format would be great for tournaments. But seasonal requires so many more battles and deserves better rewards…

Do I need to talk about giving Pyro dna after nerfing magna? :roll_eyes:


I feel like this game punishes high level/ranked players. The more you progress, the less you get. The game sometimes breaks when you reach certain ranks too fast. And now we have all these beefy uniques that can’t ever shine. We don’t want a garbage tournament for our main dinos. We want a real one. Otherwise, what’s the point of working on the best dinos in the game? To earn some DNA that we don’t need? You get more coins from beating a single bot than you do for an entire month. What the…?


Seriously guys , stop your whinging at the dna reward because the next tournament may offer Irritator dna . Then we can all get a Magna or build up and existing one and then …
On second thoughts carry on , as you were !

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This tournament’s a load of garbage, who did you even discuss its value with? Are you trying to repel your playerbase? A month long tournament for what, DNA that players have little to no care to dedicate such effort for? And where’s the cash & coin prize? I’m sorry I’m being so cold but seriously, we’ve waited this long for a legitimate decent tournament to make a return and THIS is the best we can come up with???