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[PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Seasonal - March 2020

hopefully it will be arena exclusive at least, same goes to Nasutoceratops and the other event/sanc exclusives.

Or they didn’t want us bummed out with a whole month of… (check notes) Phorusrhacos?


I’m betting the arena will be getting a lot more active. I usually max my stuff, then go hunting, wait a week before end of tourney and push. Now I’ll max stuff, go max spins, then come home and battle all day. I think the increased activity will bring more lambs to the slaughter a feast for which will break the 8K trophy barrier.
I’ll pretty much be a retired explorer if the rewards remain this good.

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I was expecting Irritator

just remember blue was a tournament prize once and it took like a year before IG2 came out for it to be useful :eyes:

Irritator was ‘supposed’ to be for April, assuming they stick with the arena exclusive pattern. With Allo g2 in the mix, it can mean three things. 1, ludia just wanted to give away some sanc exclusive dna, 2, ludia ditched the pattern and is just randomizing it thus lessening our chance to get irrit, or 3, allo g2 is gonna replace phorus as an arena exclusive

Likely Ludia wants to create an AlloRaptor/ Allo Gen 2 hybrid so is giving some away free.

Phoras is not attractive since its arena exclusive and is not the bottleneck DNA for Phorasaura.


Well kudos to ludia for being generous lol

Wow. I’ll actually have to play this one!

Might be useful in the future.

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Yep for sure, like when I used to dart all the Quetzals I ran into, in the end we got Orion so I didnt regret it :slight_smile:

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Same, haha.
Then they moved it to my l2… ah, the beauty of a maxed Orion.
Other option… Allo G2 getting a second hybrid and needing to get up to lv20.

Yeah I’ll def be going harder in the arena next month. It’ll be fun though and since they upped the cap as well, it’s more incentive to try and keep climbing.

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Well looks like I will have to now go over 6k to get this . Have been playing between 5300-5600 for so long to avoid unnecessary loads of battles to just fill incubators.

Diplodocus please!

Now THIS is awesome. I missed most of the Allo2 events due to bad timing.

Yes free 2.2k Allo G2 dna! Maybe 2.4k if I can break 5200 again.

Well, I guess it’s time to get competitive again.

You said it Ardens! Good luck Artemis and Spartacus!

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I welcome this idea. Although I do fear though that there will be no tournament for irritator or bary gen 2