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[PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Seasonal - May 2020

It really isn’t.

Nodo, Utah, Amarga, Meiolania, to name a few.

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Well, those of us who have had Magna 30 for many months and who have also struggled a lot to get irritator DNA, would not be too happy with that reward either …

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I am one of them, but at least they would have followed a predictable pattern. I wish I had more irritator to give away to my alliance mates, as it is.

Yes, in that I agree with you. Also, I’d rather see more Magna who is an honest unique than 30 than not see the disgusting indo2.

Yeah, I wish rexG2 were more common. My tenontorex needs it.

Different argument, but I suppose we will see a lot of people, making it. Indo G2 has been nerfed enough though, so at least you can be happy it lost it’s cleanse.

Losing cleanliness was a minimum nerf, minimum minimum. Almost no team has bleeders and, after losing speed, the logical thing is for Indo2 to do “Mutual Fury”. Therefore, that supposed nerf hardly affects him.

Meanwhile, they nerfed Ardentis, Orion and now mammolaia, which, on the whole, is possibly stronger than two versions ago.


Teams have bleeders. Thylocator is actually a popular creature still, by the top teams.

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Yeah, thanks a lot.
Can’t wait to build up my lv30 BLUE.


You can count how many Top50s have a bleed. In the elite of those who spend thousands of dollars a month and who can change dinosaurs often, there is one.

Anyway, bad example. If I think it is a shame that indo2 is one of the best dino, imagine what I think that a Thilo can be in the best teams … while there is a lot of unique trash

I mean, stop complaining about Blue, because she’s the OG in the JW movies and not to mention, she is not arena exclusive, but event exclusive. She also makes the powerful IG2 which did get a pretty hefty nerf by loosing the cleanse. She has counters now, even a common can counter it.

Actually it is 9 Thylocators out of the top 50.

10 if you count constrictor.

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Well that. Nine Thila and some Pterovexus.

Anyway, I already tell you that Thila does not exist for me. I have my rules of honor, wrong or not :slight_smile:

Sure and 4 Erlikospyx and 5 pteros and a rhino.
So basically 20 out of the top 50.

Eh I the Thylacotator guy just dropped it for dioraj so ya bleeders aren’t great especially in the meta

thyla was probably dropped because of the HP nerf.


It’s your namesake though.

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It got to hurt actually if had kept its hp it would have been a 100% chance of beating indo no matter what… but guess what happened

Ding ding ding… you win