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[PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Seasonal - May 2021

Could use a few more high level Tuora in the alliance so this welcomed

With this and all the mess we have in the arena, its really hard to find a reason to not drop this month…

:mask: :poop: touji…

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R u mad or something, tuo is so great for everyone. Like what u want? They ain’t giving Dino according to your need. Be happy to everyone.


Whilst I don’t agree it’s trash

But You can dart it absolutely everywhere

So in that aspect … actually yes I changed my mind

It’s trash


It’s not great for everyone lol :rofl: what if you have lvl 30 tuora, lvl 30 dio, and 90k touiji left over lol.


Not great for me so that’s not everyone

In my opinion its still decent choice unless you already maxed out both Dio or tuora. It makes 2 great hybrid. But it would be great if they choose an event exclusive likes Rhino, tenonto, brachi or even Sonora and atarc

Erliko, Anky and Styg would have been alright. Even though they are not exclusive, a lot of people need them

This is a bit disappointing. While dio and touj are very good creatures, it’s a shame because this can be found everywhere and takes up a space that could be filled with something like nasutoceratops or antarctopelta


There not trying to please the people who have these creatures maxed. The (I hope at least) intention is to help those who don’t have its hybrids maxed up.


It’s nice for Tuo and Dio, but there are probably better options

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That’s how I see it, there are a few in the alliance who don’t have these levelled up, more strong Tuora always helps

It’s a good time to take another break off the arena and focus even more in tourneys as usual. I guess I can say that at least.

Actually not really either if it’s tenrex I have 700 dna over 30 xd

Yes. In my alliance, while we have lots of REALLY good members, not many have a OP tourmoloch or dio.

Well in the tenrex championship (this is from Pokkefodder) there are going to be special, EXTRA rewards in the championship incubators.

Yeah hopefully they are nice bonuses. And I’ll still take tenrex components. Almost near lvl 30 tyrannolo. Well I guess good luck newer players. It’s not a season at all for vet players.

There out right now. The extra rewards are boosts and FIP

Yeah, the problem isn’t that Tuo sucks - it’s that it’s EVERYWHERE. I can play fifteen minutes of the game and still find one with a giga scent.


I wonder how much effort everyone is going to do to be high in cups for this one?
Ticking Shores and back down I presume …
It will not be funny for those in lower arenas as the library and lower …

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