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[PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Seasonal - May 2021

Great happy birthday

you’re at 6600+ and your alliance will only get 75-100 tenrex dna from this championship?

thats the amount of Tuojian dna, not my trophies. 5100s for that.

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6000, not too much but better than nothing, it’s still good for lower arena players like me
my dio is 23 btw

good for some not for me another reason not to bother spending on tournies

It’s definitely a possibility.

I will be glad of whatever I get. I don’t really care what the dino is. I enjoy the game and every bit of dna is appreciated.

It’s not that touj is trash but it’s not an exclusive so that’s why it’s getting negative attention

It will likely become exclusive but even then I’ll have zero interest in it .

Veterans already have the Tuojiang hybrids at raid worthy levels. Making Tuojiang exclusive would only hurt new players with how crucial its hybrids are to the apex raids.

Yeah problably, i imagane most veterans had maxima max or close to max just before 2.0, making brachi execlusive made scense to kinda adjust that lvl of strength cause maxima is realy strong in aviary, if it was easy to overlvl it would problably throw off the balance.

For touji i guess it would make scense in that tuo is way better then dilo for raids but much easyer to create(tho the answer to this would be buffing dilo, not raising tuo’s execlusvity), but on the other hand dio in my opinion due to it’s 2 epic components and sharing DNA was very much at that right lvl of strength for it’s “execlusivity”

If i would have picked something to make execlusive it would be the mammoth, since 2.0 both of it’s uniques are quite easy but both tyrants/close to tyrants, so making it return to being an execlusive would get ludia 2 strong uniques for championships(which is what they want touji), and it would actualy kinda adjust the lvl of strength

It’s a little late for that