[PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Seasonal - October 2020

Hello DPG members!


Please review how the PvP Seasons work here: https://ludia.gg/JWA19_FR_SeasonRelaunch


  • Start: October 05, 2020
  • End: November 2, 2020

Guaranteed Creature DNA

  • Nasutoceratops

Reward Tiers


Would’ve preferred something I can actually use, but at least it’s an exclusive.


Altough the hybrid was pretty weak for a unique but at least it exclusive

right after i just made testa. at least i can stockpile it.


Testacornibus is a beast. Need some of this

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Hmmm. Mediocre month in my opinion… we also have the spinocon… not too good either, or am i wrong?

Spinocon is one of the best mind game dinos out there. If it bleeds heavily, spinocon can take it. you don’t have to attack with her, so you save yourself counter damage and effects. if you try to swap out when low, you get punished pretty badly.

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the reset was staggered. So the top few arent with the rest

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Well, it could be worse.

So Ludia finally did a staggered seasonal reset? Hopefully this helps.

The season end date has been adjusted to show the correct date!

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garbage as usual

Pretty rubbish but I guess exclusive dna isn’t that horrible

What will be next season reward?

getting curious