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[PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Seasonal - September 2019

Obviously the unique incubator was a bust so… Here’s crap rewards for the tournament!

Are we ever going to get irritator gen1 as rewards? would prefer that over this…

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Maybe it will make a unique in a future update. This isn’t a bad dino for a common. I haven’t used the legendary nor really fought it but I have mine to 20 waiting for a unique. I’ll take the dna as it’s incubator exclusive but there’s really no lack of it. Would’ve much rather had an epic of course.

Can y’all not see the pic, that’s not Mira, that’s a Carbo… We’re getting a turtle…

Who needs more? Unless your creating a crazy fuse for this it’s a poor choice. There must be something behind this common selection I mean it can’t be intentionally this bad can it?

It’s amazing in some tourneys tho you have to admit that regeneration and counter

The pic in game is not a turtle. Look at rewards …

Im praying it is a placeholder for Carbo. I have plenty of Miragaia already

I’m not talking about in game I’m talking about the infographic too of the thread. That’s not Mira…

No defending this decision. Miraigaia is not the bottleneck dino for its hybrid and isnt that useful

You do know new multiple hybrids can be made off 1 dino and off of its hybrids. Just a big chain of fuses to get a unique. But yes more then likely useless .


Why put its name underneath it? Looks like it’s head to me… maybe I’m missing a picture your seeing lol

Ohh wait controversy cause Ludia just loves that?

The problem with giving Miraigaia is its kinda meh. Unless its getting a 2nd hybrid or they are making Dsu-bird easier to get, its just more DNA rhat people will not use.

Not the first time they put something like this btw. The first boosted season prize was Pyroraptor

I guess it could be, just doesn’t look like it leads to Mira’s body, the small piece looks like a turtle leg the way it sticks out. Guess we’ll see. And I think the reason why they would do this would be because they didn’t have 1.9 ready before tournament ended and they needed to put something out. Just a guess…

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Jokes gone on long enough please switch to an epic or rare irritator/bary gen 2 once update drops.

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Its no joke. They actually did give a crap reward before: Pyroraptor. So i think its no mistake that its Miraigaia

@Christopher Dude I’m stupid are you talking about this?

If so I think this is gonna be a hybrid of a unique. Looks a lot like INDORAPTOR? -The head???
The 3 claws ? They mention Ingen which to me is something movie related perhaps connected to last film and next coming out I believe in 2021 .

I’ve been hoping for a super Hybrid of a Unique

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Dude Pyroraptor is a fuse for magna a lot would disagree with you that it was a crap reward. I actually needed it to reach the last 10 fuses to level 30 magna

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Pyro may not be a great reward but it is still an epic and still useful for fusing magna. I would’ve taken any epic Dino dna over a common that is given regularly in incubators.


No I’m talking about this. I understand the head looks a bit like Mira, but the small part up top doesn’t fit his body, looks like the right front foot of a turtle. Just an opinion.