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[PvP] Jurassic World Alive | Seasonal - September 2019

And that’s looks like something made from Indom, face looks like Indom at least.

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Its crap because its not the main reason people dun have Magna to lvl 30. Irritator is. Gimme 10k Irritator now, I can make Magnapy lvl 30 in 1 hour.

To me both are equally useless. I dun need either since the bottleneck for their hybrid is 1. arena locked 2. event only.

The thing motivating me to bother with the season is seeing Nublar Shores

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This reward feels more like a marketing test then an actual reward… stick one of the most common incubator common in as a reward and seenif it affects boost sales. Likely to see if they can just give us garbage dna and people will still buy boosts.

Wawawawa Pyroraptor was nothing as ugly as this . Maybe if you had a good alliance to help you with irritator or perhaps just collected enough since it’s release. No doubt alliance donations helped me reach level 30 magna but so did that pyro. Just boost the heck out of your level 24 magna and win like the rest do. Don’t need a level 30 magna to win FYI I’ve lost to less .

Yes this reward sucks but Pyroraptor is way better .

Btw 10k irritator doesn’t go very far so unless your magna is already above 28 10k does little. 10k Does little regardless of level

I thought originally that’s what you were talking about but that’s definitely Mira face lol. Not a turtle .

Just my opinion :wink:

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Screenshot_20190904-234334_Chrome This is definitely Mira . Compare photos of head are identical :+1::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: it’s actually the same photo adjusted


Yeah, the thing on the side isn’t it’s foot, it’s the side of its body not showing completely.

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Makes more sense from that angle. Which means they stuck us with Mira for a reward…

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Irritator is too rare for me to burden my alliance. My Magna is lvl 28 so yeah it would be vl 30 with 10k more Irritator. I have 10k Pyroraptor DNA so not really in need of more. Had 5 to 6k in June. Plus I live in Local 2 so when I get the free Epic scent the 2 pesky epics are Raja and Pyro blocking me from getting Erliko.

I have 180k Miraigaia so its not even something I worry about if it gets a hybrid line away from the Dsugaia line.

I will still battle hard to get to Nublar Shores. The animation there is beautiful. Pity Ludia didnt do a better job for Gyro Depot and Lockwood Lib.


The turtle would be nice but I doubt Ludia would be that generous.

Heard rumours its a pay to have dino.

what is a pay to have dino?

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You have to buy the DNA. It doesnt spawn in the wild and you cannot get it via any other method besides buying from the store.

oh thats harsh. where did you hear this?

So the whole fanbase is in uproar and the mods and the devs still think that this farce is actually OK? I’m speechless about them just announcing the prizes like this after there was an entire thread of people calling it pathetic and the next and the biggest low for Ludia… no adressing of the people protesting, nothing…

If you guys have any sense of any decency in you, you will apologize for this misstep and change the reward, because this is ridiculous at this point… how can anyone take you seriously after this?


Wow, i fully take it as compensation for the missing bird scent premium incubator. Ludia knows how to keep promises👍🏻


Rumours. Could be totally wrong. So hope it is. Given its Ludia, wun be surprised

More seems like a legendary hybrid of blue and something else

Ludia is just messing with us. There will be patch notes soon and it will all become clear that this will be a part in a very useful unique. They just think it’s funny to make us guess for a day.
Right Ludia?