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Pvp just sucks be it battle or matchups!

While I understand matchups are random and allegedly “fair”; I have been playing this app for a long time and started taking data. Out of my last 100 matches, straight pvp battles when matchup against opponents 77out of 100x According to levels they were higher than my characters ( or a few times same level, say all 4 characters at level 11/12 but then 2to 3 of their charyhabe legendary or silver hand weapons) many times I would have higher lever characters “sitting on the bench” in what would have been equal level. More over besides being constantly on we matched I am now on a steak where my characters miss a lot while my opponents hit critical constantly. It’s become a joke and not fun to constantly lose. In fact my last battle my draconian character missed 3x in a 1-1 battle with the “pirate elf” it was only 1-1 because it started out at 3-1 but she at level 12 was rolling hot and took out 2 level 11 characters and a 13. I wonder if it’s because I don’t spend actual money on the app!!

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There is little randomness about matchmaking. There are at least two intricate algorithms at work in the matchmaking process. Spending money will not alleviate this concern.

I agree your experience is unusual if you were participating in Battle Mode. You should win more often in Battle Mode while Events are ongoing. Concerns with the RNG have been raised again during the past week. Perhaps a lengthy streak of bad ‘rolls’ could help explain it, but your poor fortune seems inordinate. As such, I will assume you were in Event Mode.

In Event Mode this is not unusual. Unfortunately, demonstrating little regard for player sentiment, the developer greedily designed two differing algorithms to match weaker Event Mode players against superior Battle Mode players. While this is horrendous for the Event Mode player, this is how the app is intended to work. Players have complained to the developer and the brand about the ongoing Event rigging since January or before. With this in mind I suspect it is unlikely Ludia will relent now.


Thanks Orlach,
How does one become an event player? While I really like the game I hate the pvp. Going 1-5 on average (especially in event mode) just burns up diamonds and challenge mode is slightly less frustrating. Am I the only one who notices this? It’s just not fun playing pvp because of the unfairness. Who benefits?

@Tassthewarrior, interestingly, upon release the game did not include any PvP modes. It was originally all PvE, with a large volume of mostly satisfied players. It was not until much later that Ludia implemented the flawed PvP system.

Now the opposite is true, it is almost entirely PvP, the player base is eviscerated, events are dull, boring and rigged, there is little to no support, they have implemented two separate monthly fees, and rewards have been reduced. It now seems unlikely the average player can acquire enough resources to play regularly without spending real currency.

Many players have noticed the problems with the game and many have shared their frustrations with the developer, who stubbornly seem to ignore these concerns. I suspect this is a significant factor in why there are so few players remaining.

I see how my comment about ‘Event Players’ could cause confusion. When I reference an Event Player or an Event Mode player I am referring to a user who is actively participating in Event Mode. Alternatively, I refer to players actively participating in Battle Mode as a Battle Mode players. These terms have no other meaning. Unfortunately, English is not my primary language and sometimes I overlook conversion errors. Hopefully this clears up any confusion.

Hey I appreciate the clarification. Thanks Orloch!

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@Tassthewarrior I also noticed the same differences among the matchups this event, until I had several long losing streaks. I didn’t do this purposely. This just happened as I hit a string of matchups 3 to 4 levels above me and/or players who had much stronger gear with the better characteristics that come with those.

All my characters are level 11. I saw many players with level 13 to 15 characters. I am in league 6 for Battle and the screen showed league 6 for the Event too, but I have never seen players in Battle that high. That puzzles me @Orloch. How can they be in the same league? I understand the matchup algorithm. You have been very clear about that in other posts. But, I still would have expected them to be in the same league.

I didn’t have those matchups early on, not until I was midway through the second part of the event. I was doing well until then. 50/50 or so, maybe higher. Then matchups started getting dicey. After many losing streaks, one of which was 0 for 9, the matchups became somewhat fairer. I started running into players with level 12s and even 11s. I even ran into bots with level 10s, the same as I sometimes run into in Battle mode. As my success increased, the matchups became progressively harder. I ended the 3rd level of the event with a string of 3 wins. I regret I did not keep a written record of the details, but I am certain that my matchups were tied to my win/loss success and failure during the event. Overall I was not too far below 50%. I found this matchmaking interesting. It almost seems like the game was making adjustments as I was playing, so much so I don’t attribute this to Rng.

@Tassthewarrior The level of characters is misleading. In every other game I have played, a player’s level grants significant bonuses such as gear that can be used or significant stat increases. That is not true here. Here, leveling itself provides nothing more than leveling a single good piece of gear just once or twice. Also, a character can get the points to level without any real increases in any stats along the way. This of course is done by simply leveling gear that is not being used. In fact, I ran into several players around level 14 who had very inferior gear as I judged from the Effects they produced and damage they did.

Just an aside. I find the game does a seemingly good job so far of providing just enough gold to level the gear that I actually use. During that time I collect the rest and will level a piece, several times if necessary, when it will provide a benefit.

Anyway, I used a Book of Battle from the Quest to pay my way with free entries. I don’t know that I will use gems to buy chances if I don’t have one. I don’t know that I will buy a book either if I don’t use gems. That event took me a solid 5 1/2 hours. I barely touched the book, really. 12 hours for 60 free chances is a lot of chances in a short time. Anyway, all for what? A single legendary that was 1 of 5 to level. At least give us a choice, but that sounds like a post for another channel.

Great analysis and breakdown of your recent event experience @Baladir. I did not sample this event, but your analysis confirms what I would have anticipated.

It is interesting to note that the system Ludia uses to rig these events remains excessively punishing at the start of a Season but becomes less noticeable toward the end. With only 3 days left in the season I would anticipate most players should be able to compete in the current event with a win rate slightly below 50%. This seems to be what you encountered.

However, you did identify an interesting aspect related to the difficulty encountered after extensive win streaks. This is the anticipated result of a slight algorithm adjustment Ludia made a month or two ago. While on hot streaks, your event trophy count likely soared, eventually surpassing your highest trophy count. [unfortunately this cannot be confirmed as the event count remains obscured. Even those with parsing scripts have reported this count is unidentifiable.] Previously, these streaks would not have much impact on event matchmaking, However, Ludia recently confirmed they will utilize the greater of event count or highest count in event matchmaking. This is likely the misfortune you were experiencing.

I also noted you commented it took 5 1/2 hours to complete the event. This duration is excessive for most players. and it remains one of the primary reasons players such as myself avoid PvP events. I can easily surpass these meager event rewards within an hour of farming challenges. For instance, It takes me around 3 minutes [including load and cut screen time] to run 6 rooms in Lightfinger Estate. Each reward die over 6 is valued between 450 gold and 9,000 gold. Over 5 1/2 hours players can farm more than one million gold worth of resources and items. Thus, unless a player really enjoys Ludia’s brand of PvP, I would suggest the inadequate rewards for these events are not commensurate for the time required, especially when compared to what can be farmed in Challenge Mode over the same duration.


Nice to know. I have seen lots of commons in the higher level chests, both in this event and other drops. As a newer player, the rare and epic gear are giving my characters faster strength progression. In my guild though I see that common gear is sought after by many higher level players. As most of the drops I have seen of commons have been small in relation to the large amounts needed, I was beginning to doubt of ever acquiring enough in a reasonable amount of time. I’m far from Lightfinger Estate. Yes, good to know rewards will increase substantially.

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Interesting point but I do think levels matter when I face 4 13 level characters and I have 3 11 level characters and 1 13 level character, my level 11 characters more often than not so hardly any damage and usually die after 1 hit.

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A screenshot from a guild mate. Totally fair.


I would suggest that ItsShadOW throw the game. I have done that the few times I have run across parties lv 11 or lower. I have lost quite often to lv 12 parties to know never to give up. When facing a party 2 levels higher. (My party is lv 14).

The problem is often you get such matchups after losing a whole lot. It is hard to resist preying lower level parties when that happens. Supporting Ludia’s math turns my stomach. I generally avoid events now, as I typically just get frustrated and feel poorly when I prey lower parties. It’s not fun when it happens to me so I try to avoid doing it to others.

I did the bard event that just passed. I had fairly good luck, losing twice or thrice in the free rung, needing 4 refreshes (80 gems total), not needing to prey, and getting preyed only once.

Despite all of that, and lots of prizes, the event was too long and I had to force myself to finish it. Ludia should look at this. People have lives, and such grinding is rarely attractive.

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Holy! That’s a mad matchup! I thought the team had implemented a ‘power calculation’ into the PvP so this type of horrorshow would be a thing of the past.

Obviously not?

I definitely would love to see Ludia put more effort into PvP on this game.

This is from Quests & Quarrels update. Still some work to do perhaps.

There are many threads which explain the cause of such mismatches. I will not elaborate here, but these mismatches are by design, established by well-developed event algorithms. Unfortunately, this is very unfavorable to weaker event players.

@Mo_Young, Ludia defined these changes in another thread.

Unfortunately, forum staff explained the developer was focusing on correcting an issue unrelated to the fundamental cause of such mismatches. They were mistakenly fixing a concern related to player tanking, which is not the cause of these mismatches. The actual cause is the divergent algorithms used for event v. battle mode players) In the update they brought consideration for “Event Count” back into the algorithm used for the event player. This unfortunately often results in event players being matched against even higher ranked Battle Mode Players, while doing nothing to reduce this gulf in power.

[ Note: This post is an opinion piece only - based upon analysis of game play observations, information provided by Ludia and comments shared by players in various forums. In no way are these comments intended to be construed as insulting or disrespectful toward the developer or players. ]


I understand that Ludia matches players against tougher opponents to maximise income from PvP events.

What I don’t understand is they don’t seem to address that it pays off to decrease rather than increase trophy count. Surely this can’t ‘work as intended’…

The way I see it, there should be more incentive to increase trophy count (chest rewards for reaching the higher leagues are not spectacular, increased xp rewards negligible), or a robust matchmaking system that takes the total sum of hero lvl + gear lvl into account.

The only way this game will thrive is with an engaged PvP player base.

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While this harms lower ranked event players, it also benefits higher ranked players. With the conflicting algorithms, highly ranked players can go on extended winning streaks as players are more frequently matched against much weaker opponents. I suggest it may not be a coincidence that the app started tracking winning streaks at the same time this adjustment was made to the event algorithm.

I would also suggest Ludia could simply discontinue matching event competitors against battle mode players if they wish to resolve this problem.

[ Note: This post is an opinion piece only - based upon analysis of game play observations, information provided by Ludia and comments shared by players in various forums. In no way are these comments intended to be construed as insulting or disrespectful toward the developer or players. ]

@Kloyarn @Orloch

Actually nothing of the sort. I suggest you guys look up some basic, easily obtainable facts before knocking the game with wild conjecture.

@Baladir, perhaps I am overlooking something. I assume you are suggesting some facts or statements suggested above are inaccurate. I am failing to see how the photo relates to the topic of conversation.

[ Note: My query is in not intended to be construed as insulting or disrespectful toward the developer or players. ]

What wild conjecture do you speak of? My “totally fair” statement?

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