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Pvp just sucks be it battle or matchups!

His opponent had 559 trophies. But true, not yours, but everyone who came after that somehow the game had failed.

I think you are over looking something. Player tanking is exactly the reason for this mismatch.

Now I see the point you are making. Clearly he/she has been doing this for more than a month.

Tanking this low seems illogical. Players below 2200 are restricted from league events. Perhaps this has changed. Most tankers used to amass around 2300 trophies.

However, this being said,

Unfortunately, the developer has also presented this as the primary cause of mismatches. However, the more veteran players are aware the greater issue is the event algorithm which regularly matches stronger Battle Mode players against much weaker Event players.

Until recently, many players, myself included. would let these weaker Event players win. Routing them is unsatisfying. Unfortunately, the developer found a way to prevent this. For the past few months the trophy counts have been obscured until the match is over. This prevents the stronger player from assessing the strength of the opponent. The complete evolution of the event algorithm seems quite devious, especially consider the way it trickles down from the top players all the way through the leagues (and perhaps the arenas), Thus the players I rout will lose in Event Mode. Then these players will win in Battle Mode, routing weaker players in event mode. and on, and on …

The upsets caused by a few tankers cannot compare to the carnage done by the event algorithm.

[Note 1: It is difficult to consider this battle a mismatch when there is a 50% chance ItsShadow was tanking and trying to lose. The would actually provide the opponent with a better than average chance to win.]

[ Note 2: I have not tested battle mode recently and it is possible the developer has abandoned the event algorithm as discussed. As such my comments are based on previous knowledge and experience. ]

[ Note 3: This post is an opinion piece only - based upon analysis of game play observations, information provided by Ludia and comments shared by players in various forums. In no way are these comments intended to be construed as insulting or disrespectful toward the developer or players. ]

I don’t compute how its possible in our game create 5 level 17 characters and never go over 863 trophies.

Doing so would eliminate many quests in the Quest Pass season. Also alot of valuable battle reward chests and brawl rewards chests would be left out.

The only thing I can see that would make that possible is a loooot of money. Therefore I guess it’s earned…

Personally putting in daily exhaustive work as much time and as much money and more into this game.
I can only imagine the $$$. [This is nothing against the player. I’m happy for him. I’m just trying to understand the game.]

On a positive note if they PvP normally they’ll be in the high level Trophy arena very quickly. Theoretically problem solved.

[Me when Ludia asks for Money in a glitzy Pop-up]

Players are constantly using opposing players’ levels as a measure of a mismatch. Level has nothing to do with it. What players don’t talk about is their win/loss ratio or their opposing “mismatched” player’s trophy counts.

Trophy count goes a long way to explain a players skill, quality of gear, and ability to set up their character to their best advantage. Win-loss ratio over the course of an event is the ultimate measure of the fairness of the match making system.

I go in from time to time and look at player profiles. My trophy count puts me in with players who have 14 and 15 level characters. I just leveled my first character to 13 yesterday. We all have had horrendous losing streaks, followed by amazing winning streaks. But, I have found that at the end of an event I come out not unreasonably below 50-50.

Pretty kitty. But yeah, that’s unbelievable. How? Why?