PvP Lineups

Anyone notice that the PvP lineups seem to be far more unbalanced frequently that before? I certainly don’t mind the ones where the opposing team is way unpowered compared to mine, and even ones where they are equally better by some percent is fair. But the ones that drive me crazy are where the AI throws in a SINGLE Dino right at the top that is ridiculously better than yours. Just had a match like this where it was so much better, PLUS had the class advantage that it took my first Dino out in the first move. Leaving me absolutely no chance to possibly win. That just isn’t fair.

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I had a similar experience once with a lvl 30 Dragon (Suchoripterus) as the opponent’s starting dino, even though i was using lvl 30 default legendaries. Luckily my starting dino was a herbivore and i managed to pull a lucky win.

I seem to be getting this much more than before, this is the second one just this week where the first dino was so much ridiculously higher than everything else, I couldn’t possibly win. Doesn’t help that the AI seems to put in something with a class advantage WAY more often than random chance would dictate.

Although I will say that the ones where they are WAY lower than mine do seem to happen even more often than the unwinnable ones. But frankly I’d be happy to trade those for just always having a FAIR matchup.

@Mary_Jo I have experienced this too a lot lately… mostly with aquatics. Not sure why but the PVP lately has gotten more difficult. What bothers me is when the AI can take your first Dino out with one hit even before you have the chance to block.

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Yup, that’s the match I got earlier today. There is definitely something messed up in the random generator for doing these matchups that would allow that. And then today I got an aquatic match where I was able to take all 3 of the opponents out without losing any of mine, the opponents were so much lower. I don’t get it.

I sure seem to have bad luck getting anything decent off the Elite prize wheel too, I don’t know if it’s just a matter of not having as many PvPs that will give me the Elite wheel, but in the last several weeks where I’ve been able to hit it as least several times a day I just never hit anything that makes it worth even shooting for. A 40 DB prize is about the best I’ve seen. Is my luck just bad or does anyone else have a LOT more luck with prizes from the Advanced wheel?

I only do the elite so I don’t really have anything to compare against but last night I got both a 500 VIP (so 1,000 with the VIP membership) and a 500 DB prize on my standard 3-4 battle run.

Guess it’s just my luck then. Although I did get a 100 DB on my next Elite run after posting this, that’s my new best. I really come up short on any of the VIP rewards on that wheel, while I routinely get them on both the Advanced land and aquatic ones.