PVP Losses when incoming phone call

This is really, really, really annoying. Surely this can be addressed

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This has been happening since I started playing over four years and getting close to five years when you’re playing and the phone rings your internet connection is lost

Stop talking over the phone while you are handling with dinosaurs. They are dangerous animals and need all of your attention. :wink:


It would be nice if there was a way to configure your phone to just not ring when a specific program is active. Probably is, I just don’t know how!

I put mine on nighttime mode when playing; no disruptions.

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I have a iPhone and I found a way that might work I have not tried it here are some pictures I will try it later to see if it works

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Problem is that 1. I go in and out of the game constantly all day long and 2. you then have to remember to turn the phone back ON. Which I am terrible about remembering. I want to be able to just configure it to say “when this game is active, disabled the phone, when I leave it, turn it back on”. There probably is an app that will do that kind of thing on an Android (iOS is MUCH harder to tweak system actions like these) but haven’t really tried to find one.