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PVP losses when low battery pops up

I’ve lost three battles because the low battery notifications pops up and no matter how fast I click it, the game is forced to re-log in, and I lose the battle.

This is extremely frustrating.

Been playing since 2015 and bro… I feel you. Short of jail breaking your phone/tablet there isn’t much you can do about it (especially iPhone). Best thing to do is always double check your battery before playing

Low battery does not cause a game exit for Android. On Apple devices, if you somehow time it so that you are in the creature swap menu when the notification appears, you won’t get logged out

Best thing to do is not to play PvP on. Slow battery, it seems to only happen in those matches. But yes it is annoying and there was a time where this didn’t happen or at least it feels like about a year ago it was fixed and then a subsequent update reverted it back to kicking you out of PvP matches.

Definitely an issue, please fix this.