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Pvp matches isue

Since 7 days now i have the isue that i always go up and down between arena 6 and 7. Always the same: system let me win until i have 3070 p max than i get unbeatable until i am down at least at 2970 than let me win again and so on. What matchmaking is that??? Since two days now i loose every morning 150 p cause unbeatable opponents coming. Wether they are much higher or the system gives opponent exactly the counterdinos to mine. Thats ridiculous…when does ludia get it to real pvp matching?

Pvp in this game is shall we say
Very one sided sometimes your opponent is so weak you almost felt bad for beating them,while other times your opponent is so strong you feel an urge to YEET Your phone out the window and into a dumpster


Oh ne sided is nice to say first opponents in arena 6 last in 7 system even dont look that opponents are in your arena. Ludia has no idea how to program pvp. I am sorry but that badest pvp matching i`ve ever seen …
A guy with 4500 p in arena 7 the other two with over 3000 p in arena 6