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Pvp matches

Does anyone actually like the pvp in this game?

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No everyone hates it

I like standard pvp very much, it’s the main reason i play.

I could ask the same question about Warrior Draft, does anyone actually enjoy it? I despise it. But I guarantee some folks somehow like it.


I suspect people who’ve played a lot of sealed and draft CCG tournaments enjoy the warrior draft here.
I find it quite enjoyable, as it’ usually means easy wins over people who just aren’t skilled enough at playing with a non optimized lineup. Regular PvP is fine, event PVP is boring since it’s usually all level capped bots anymore.

Agree. If it wasn’t for PVP I would have quit this game a long time ago. I really enjoy balanced PVP when it comes more to strategy then just luck (I know, it is a dice game) and way to overpowered characters.

Now if only more matches were balanced… sigh…


I enjoy warrior draft because it uses different equipment combos that I am not likely to try out. I have become rather accustomed to my favorite combos in place and struggle with changing them to lesser used ones.

You do realize the developer didn’t give any thought to the “equipment combos” within the Warrior Draft at all, right? It’s just either all commons, all rares, all epics, all legendaries. Sure you’ll try out some new things, but true powerful combo’s mix and mingle all of the various equipment types, not just pushing a flawed system out as quickly as possible in hopes of retaining new players.

New players love it because they don’t feel like grinding to level 15+, veterans generally don’t like it because the heroes that we’ve spent a year or 2 developing are just cast aside for pathetically weak toons. The entirety of everyone’s gameplay has been spent developing their own parties, and I personally don’t find it enjoyable just casting that aside for a ragtag group of subpar and underequipped randoms.

I don’t begrudge anyone who does like it though, it’s just not for me. My entire point is that the OP and the follow-on comment about no one liking PvP is entirely subjective and frankly just wrong. Don’t try to bring the entire playerbase down with you just because you can’t compete successfully in PvP.


So I hear you and I don’t invalidate your playing experience, but I have also played this game from the very beginning. I was unaware that the Draft characters were setup with equipment that way, but it still applies. I have found better equipment choices through the warrior draft because my equipment wasn’t a high enough level or I just didn’t pair it with the correct team. I don’t think they are “casting aside” the characters I have worked on. Warrior Draft gives me a chance to use brand new heroes before I get the chance to receive them without paying for them. Warrior draft is challenging but I also kind of like how it levels the playing field for everyone.