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PVP Matching

Hi everyone my first post here.

I’ve been playing for around six months now and have assembled a reasonable team of low 20s dinosaurs. I have 3500 trophies and am currently in Jurassic Ruins. The last week though I keep getting matched against players with level 30 dinos and over 5000 trophies.

Obviously I don’t stand a chance against these guys and in my latest match didn’t even manage to do any damage to my opponent he killed all my dinos in 4 goes with a level 30 Thor……something.

I don’t know if I should report this as surely it shouldn’t be like this or maybe these guys are cheating? I’m not sure but it seems a bit unfair.

It is called dropping. These people are in higher arenas purposely lose all their matches to get to a lower arena and ruin someone like your day. It ruins the arena.

I thought the arena you were in was determined by your trophy count though?

So is it possible then to drop down to Jurassic ruins from the Avery whilst still maintaining your 5000 trophies?

If he’s got 5k+ trophies, there from library or even possibly gyro, but it’s not nice , you would think they might put in a lower team to play at that level if there gunna drop