PvP matchmaking is terrible!


I don’t know who your beta testers are, but they suck big time. Your matchmaking is one of the worst designed I have ever seen! Why the need for two separate window? One you can cancel and the other you can’t! The worst part is the second one forces you to wait up to 2 minutes for the opponent and once the countdown is up you can’t get out except by quitting the game and you lose ranking because the match started but your server neglected to tell the client…

Also, whose the idiot that decided that a concede button was a bad idea? Your matchmaking sucks so much that at least with that button I wouldn’t have to lose my time waiting for the opponent to win to start the next match…


Yes. Matchmaking sucks. I have nothing over level 12, why am I up against 2 level 15’s? No chance.


Totally agree on your comments.
It is not about losing; it is about losing without a fair chance (poor matchmaking) or no chance at all (screen freezes).
Nowadays, it is even hard to get an arena incubator. Lost:Win ratio about 3:1… :pensive:


The matchmaking could definitely be improved and optimized to decrease connection issues and bugs. However, the “losing without a fair chance” is not really something the game can change because the opponent you’re up against is based on their number of trophies, not their dinosaur levels. As a result, you’ll always come across some people who smurf down to lower levels to stomp on weaker people. Every game I’ve ever played has people like this and it’s a normal occurrence in the gaming world.

Btw, a 3:1 Loss:Win ratio is not that bad. Some people I bet have a loss to win ratio of a lot higher discrepancy.