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[ PVP Matchmaking ] Nov 21, 2019

We have heard your concerns about PVP matchmaking. Our dev’s are currently looking into this issue. We can’t promise when a change will go out. We can confirm they’re aware of this and looking into making the best PVP experience for our Adventurers. Please click on the link for some FREE GEMS!

:gem:FREE GEMS! :arrow_forward:


Thanks Jon, we really appreciate you and the entire Ludia team for working to continuously improve the game we all enjoy so much.


Yeah please solve it, i realy like the new reward tier sistem but its way too unfair to be paired like this

Currently can’t access pvp at all. Each time I try the screen comes up but I don’t get any ‘looking for opponent’ text, it’s just blank and then after a few seconds, goes back to the menu screens.