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PVP Matchup Seems Off

I just got matched up in PVP with someone whose reknown was 600 higher than mine. The next matchup, the opponent had 1200 renown higher than I. I’ve never had this happen before, and it went exactly as you’d expect such a match to go. Did the PVP matchmaking parameters get changed? Because at present, PVP is now basically unplayable.

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There is no way there renown was that much higher as it only goes to 20 I believe… you are referring to trophies most likely and there are already at least two post talking about this if you want to check them out

I just experienced the same thing. Level 16 and 17 with something like 4000 trophies to my level 12 team (I’m not one of the people who don’t level their team either) with my 2250 trophy count. I was easily wiped out without, almost like we had no business being matched up. I hope that this isn’t the new normal with the update. After reading the other comments I have to agree that PVP in the newly release is way off.