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Pvp must be fixed quickly

I don’t complain a lot about this game and honestly I mock and am a smart aleck to those that do. I will point out things that I see wrong but I am very happy with this game and those things are usually very minor.

That being said, pvp is extremely broken and it really is pushing me towards wanting to stop playing for a while.

I like that there are now challenges that are for pvp instead of having to redo the same old dungeon non stop.

HOWEVER…The matchmaking now is horrific. The point of pvp and a trophy or flag or whatever system is so that people are relatively equal when they fight. That is not happening now and there are several conversations going on about it. This last battle I had is very nearly that fabled straw that breaks the camels back.
I understood when before this update if you won a lot of games in a row they would put you against a bot that was far stronger to challenge you and you would normally lose. I didn’t necessarily agree with it but because it happened after you won a bunch in a row I didn’t complain much.

I just lost three fights in a row but then I was matched up with someone who was obviously a bot by their name… they were over 1200 trophies higher than me and not one of their characters was less than 4 levels above anyone of mine


And again only 873 trophies and 5 levels per character ahead of me… at least this time, if it is a bot, it isn’t obvious by the name

This time I had won on before I got this team

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Right now, honestly, one of the moderators trademarked “we have passed your concerns along to the devs” would go a long way. It doesn’t even have to be to me, just to one of the many posts about this problem

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Same guy again after losing a couple more

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My party continues to be matched against weaker intermediate players who have no chance, Just one of my heroes could defeat their entire party. Furthermore, gaining only 10 pts per battle guarantees it will take me days to ascend to a competitive arena.

I agree with the league system, but the implementation has been troublesome; far worse than the Test of Might fiasco.

I cannot conceive how Ludia continues to fumble the implementation of these updates. The ideas behind these updates are sound and the fundamentals should work, yet the continued compounding of match-making issue leaves me flummoxed.

I assume Wizards of the Coast will soon tire of complaints about this update as well. I suggest Ludia avoid further issues by cancelling the event immediately and for compensation provide all players with the maximum reward.

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That is my other problem as well… it is either someone 400 or 500 or more as pictures show ahead of me… or 300 or 400 behind me…

I prefer to play real people, but if the only ones that are on are so far away in trophies, id rather play a bot that is close. Plus like I did with the one picture, I am pretty sure he was a bot and very far away in trophy count

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I can’t move at all in arena

I virtually always get matched against someone who is 200-300 below me.

I win maybe 60-75% and gain 10 trophies, however through no fault of my own (initiative, bad character matching Etc) I lose 25-40% and in then I lose 30-40 trophies.

When I do get matched against someone above me it always seems to be someone that Is far above me - the worst so far being about 1300 trophies. Hence I typically lose 10 trophies here. Again the ocassions I win is made up for by the many more times that I lose (reverse of above).

So I’m just churning on the spot.

Note this isn’t because I’m at the level I should be at. I was at 3200+ previously (highest about 3450), had a little horror luck run down to 2900, then got bumped back to 2500 And can’t move from here. Should be able to get to at least 3000

I have dropped 400 in the last couple of hours I win 10 win 10 then I lose 30 30 30 to people who are my trophies but a few levels ahead of me then I lose 10 10 10 to people that are 600 or 700 flags and 5 levels above me

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Yeah I was 2500, dropped to 2300 ish, clawed my way back to 2500.

Don’t see any point in playing anymore - will wait for the chest to refresh

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Yeah that’s where I am at… I will play enough to get my freebies and wait for it to hopefully get fixed soon

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Ps your right standing warrior is a bot - I’ve fought them recently and they had way less trophies levels - unless they did a meteoric rise :wink:

Yeah with that type of name it always is. Like I said before, I don’t agree with but I don’t complain too much about the win a bunch and then face a monster bot team thing they were doing. Mostly because it came after winning a bunch in a row it was easier to accept, but to get stuck with that big of a monster after having just losing three in a row was pretty crappy.

I am confident Standingwarrior is a real player. Nouns are capitalized in bot names. If it was a bot the name would have been StandingWarrior instead of Standingwarrior. This is a common mistake I have noticed players make.

BTW, Standingwarrior is currently ranked 1st on the Leaderboard.

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Yeah, I may quit because of this. Up to 299* trophies 2 times now and then 500 trophies taken for no reason. Then matched consistently against lvl 16 and 15 with my 3 8s and a 10. Then I lose 10 to 40 trophies for getting smeared. Finally go against a group of 12s and pull a win by burning him up and only get 20 back. This is rediculous. Lvl, power, and trophy count all way above mine and they think this is fair and will not drive players away?

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I am curious. When you lose a match is it -10 trophies or do they take away more than 10?

Why not make trophies for wins and losses the same - people will naturally gravitate towards their rightful position


It’s variable

If they are higher than you you lose 10-14 ish

If they are lower than you, you can lose 30-40

Perhaps its time I fly to Monreal and meet with the Ludia staff. Someone has to provide direction on how to fix this mess.

Maybe I should buy a winter hat first … I suspect this may take a few days.

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You’ll have to line em up in a row :wink:

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They way it works is that if you are even with someone you either lose or win 30 trophies… if they are lower than you and you beat them you gain less than 30 trophies but if they beat you then you lose more than 30. If they are higher than you and you beat them you gain more than 30 if you lose then you lose less than 30. How much more or less than 30 is determined by how much higher or lower they are than you… it seems that the most you can win is or lose is 50 and the least you can win or lose is 10

That was all written rather weirdly but I hope it makes sense.

Basically 30 is the even line and you win or lose more or less than that based on if they are higher or lower than you

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