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Pvp must be fixed quickly

I think there should be an adults only section were You can use expletives to your hearts content - it’s is grossly unfair to create such a frustrating PVP and then not let you vent about it :wink:

I was fuming last night, not once did I have anything resembling a chance against all the higher opponents I fought, Eg in the first three moves they’d get the old wizard and archer attack and I get to use my cleric. Whoop-de-do!

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Agreed. This is the worst PvP mechanics I have ever seen. Honestly, the whole game is a colossal disappointment. I played day 1 and left pretty quickly. I came back to some improvements, but it’s still a disaster. It’s playable for sure, but it’s so far below what it could be and PvP is the worst of it.


Overall I really like it :slight_smile:

Ummm never mind

I am not a developer so I am not sure how hard it is to fix –

As I have said before…simply make PVP “levels” based on scores.

For example- Level 1: 0 to 500 score – Level 2: 501-1000 Etc…

Then you can NOT go back lower than the bottom of the level. This will prevent those who pay money, harass, or simply like to win from losing on purpose to go back and dominate - for whatever reason.

I still find it hard to believe that people with 1100 scores have disintegrate - flaming swords - 2 turn dominate - Rogue with 4 attacks…I just lost my entire team when my opponents Wizard died from some sort of blast??? Gonna look that one up.

I am currently 1130 score. Really? That person is at my level? Do I really have to pay to compete? I guess if I spend a few hundred - I will then dominate low level pvp??? Well, my wife won’t let me so that is out. :slight_smile:

Hey everyone, Jon has some update notes here: [ BUG FIXES ] Nov 26, 2019

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The thing is if someone at your trophy level is that much more powerful and beats you then their trophy level goes up. If they beat the next guy it goes up again. Eventually they reach a trophy level that is not so easy to beat. You can’t stop people from tanking their scores for whatever their reason may be but if they are doing that then they are losing. For every step they take forward after tanking they had to lose to go backwards

The leagues system at least counters tanking by promoting players to seek and maintain higher trophy counts for the increased rewards.

If the revised system functions as intended it may be possible to relaunch Test of Might if the ToM rewards can offset the cost to complete.

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The league system is really not much more than extra arenas. You get the same chests and you only get a prize when you first enter new league. Once you do that you could tank back down like they did before.

By the way listing the leagues as more arenas isn’t a complaint on my part lol. Before the leagues there was no real reason to care if your pvp trophies were above 2200. Now there is

Have no idea why either of my posts were flagged but not to worry :wink:

So I got the update (Apple) and… three matches lose me 95 trophy points.

First matchup I decide to go for a bot. All level 18’s to my 15’s and all massively outgearing me to the point where they all end up on full health after wiping my team. I just couldn’t outdamage their AC/healing and couldn’t heal against one-shot kills. And I should point out that my crew isn’t badly geared, almost all level 7/10/13 items many with multiple level 2 legendaries as well. That’s just a grossly unfair matchup. There was nothing at all remotely even about it.

Then I decide to wait for a player. Takes awhile but OK, anything is better than being wiped by a bot. But the this is what I get:

For some strange reason I come back later and think to myself maybe it was just a blip and so I try again. This time I get matched up with someone who is level 13’s and I think it was about 300 points lower than me. Awesome! I can claw back some trophies.

Yeah, not so fast. Dude obviously outgeared me by a country mile. By level and luck alone I get to 1 vs. 1 but on 1/4 health, his turn, I lose the match and 50 points.

Seriously, Ludia needs to give everyone 10,000 gems and free VIP for a month while they fix this. This is such an epic level screwup. How hard can it be to have characters matched up to stat power? If I’m on 3000 trophy points and someone comes along on 2500 trophy points, and yet they still wipe the floor with me due to gear, then how is that a fair or balanced ranking/matching system? They could easily compare stats and evenly match opponents so that the fights were a good mix of luck and skill, but instead they’ve made it entirely luck/gear-based.

There are some fanatical zealots flagging stuff. They flag stuff that doesn’t bother the FCC. I agree that people do need to be monitored and some language is unacceptable. Because after all I know so many 13 year olds that can use all features of the game. Any company with the whatever it takes for this, needs to lighten up.

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They brought bots back but now they’re over +4 levels over my party and I couldn’t even win against them. Let alone kill 3.

yeah, I wonder how they come up with the levels for bots. Matchmaking is suppose to be based in trophies, so when they match us up against bots are they just misjudging what level the bots should be for that trophy level?

So far I have been lucky and the three bots I fought were all within about 70 trophies and the levels were dead on even for me

I decided to try out the new bots to see how it goes. I’m in labyrinth league and I got to face 2 groups of lvl 16s who were beatable and 8 groups of lvl 18s who were untouchable. Message is loud and clear, if you are not one of the 50 people with maxed out gear, you are not intended to play leagues.

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Making the bot battles more difficult while simultaneously decreasing the rewards for bot battles has been done intentionally. The change has been designed to compel players to favor binary (two real players) PvP matches over unitary ones. This has increased the number of combatants waiting for an opponent, which theoretically should have improved balancing for the binary matches.

It succeeded in making me not want to do PvP. After today’s update, I really don’t think I have it in me to try to grind out 40 kills a day to meet my daily’s. Takes too long to get a match, if you choose to go for a bot, there’s a good chance it’ll blast you off the map before you get a kill. Wait for human opponent, there’s a good chance you’ll be paired up with someone way out of your weight class. I suppose I could always crash my trophy count to get favorable matchups. Seems to be the going theme with these PvP updates.

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I have never understood losing match ups intentionally just so you can win some later… seems like extra work to me.

I can see it with the events but during normal items?

I guess you could tank matches not paying attention to game. Load match go back to whatever your doing. Rinse and repeat all day. Then when your ready to actually play you get wins. Call it a saving of time and frustration.