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PVP never ends

So, embarrassingly, I lost to an opponent who didn’t through a single punch as they were afk. Their paladin had a regen that stopped me from being able to kill her before the fires got me as I was 3 levels lower. Just to make things worse - the game has now crashed and doesn’t recognise that the match has ended so now when I open the game, it reopens the same match with my enemies paladin there, surrounded by fire, and won’t move on. Is there a way to hard reset the match so I can keep playing? Am I stuck until my opponent reopens their game? Or is my game completely buggered until the bug is fixed


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Thanks for the smiles @jackrrabbit!


@Acemanx I opened the game on a separate device. Played it a minute. Went back to the original device and the game opened ok.


I don’t have an extra device like the previous poster. Had to delete the app and reinstall to fix this bug. I’ve had to do this 2-3 times now. Several of my guild mates as well. Been a problem for half a year now. Another way Ludia is failing us.

Just make sure you have your profile saved somehow before doing this. I.e. connect it to Game Center or Facebook account or Apple ID or whatever. It would suck to lose your progress.

Good luck!

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I’ve tried your solution. That has never worked for me.

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Hopefully it works for him, though. Your method seems far less painful.

I have experienced the same issue (too) many times. Since I don’t have a second device, my method is to re-install the game (a great help in boosting download figures for the game, ain’t it…)

When back in the app, note you need to start a different game mode than the one that froze, otherwise you’re back in limbo.

For instance, if it freezes during a pvp event, you should first engage a normal pvp battle or start a dungeon challenge. Afterwards the pvp event is back to normal.