PVP no proc issue

Is anyone else as frustrated by this as me?

You went 18 actions (move or attack), without a single proc. Some are 25, steps me 50, some 75.

Say it averages even 33% to be low, still should be 6. To take 19 actions to get a single proc is insane and obviously broken.

I ended up with 4 of 29.

This happens right after fight, proc a like the fighter 75% ac boost to all teammates on attack should be great in pvp, but not when it only profs at the end with only him or him and one other character left.

Is pvp broken? Or did they do this intentionally but not tell us?

I’ve noticed this as well, my red dice rarely procs in the arena. not sure why, it seems that once you lose a character or two the red dice procs more often. might be conformation bias though, lol. it does seem broken though