Pvp only giving me AI battles

Why is pvp only giving me AI battles?

Because youre lucky? :sweat_smile::joy::rofl:

In all seriousness though, it depends on whether there are players available. I got the odd one in estates, but have only had 1 in 3mths in aviary.

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Your account might have been flagged for cheating.

You may’ve been banned. Check with Ludia, whether it’s a temporary ban like 3 days or longer one.
One way to find is checking the tournament rank. If it’s not showing anything, then you’re banned.

Would love to get some more AI battles in PVP. Its the only variety. All human PVP teams are starting to look all the same.


No. I’m still ranked. I do get the occasional one on one match. But only like one out of every ten.