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PvP option Idea

Here’s an idea for PvP that’ll make both people who want to climb the ranks & people who just want to get their incubators happy:

When you tap the green battle button, a menu pops up with two options:
-Fight AI.
-PvP battles.

That way most players who want to get incubators get them without having to spend an hour losing trophies to the unfair RNG & Matchmaking you PvP system is full of & those who just want to climb the arenas can do that.
Also, when you have to start a new season you have to do PvP battles and for the first 5 battles AI battles won’t be available.

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I had the same idea. I think it’s a good one too.

Sounds like a great idea.

Maybe they could replace the Fight AI and Pity AI with kind of this idea.

Incubators should only be obtained by winning PvP battles.
The Fight AI should just give you take down’s toward your daily battle incubator, 350 darts that adds to your dart bank and some coins based on the level of AI you played.

There needs to be incentive to play PvP over the AI but also some usefulness for the AI. Many don’t do the DBI because they hate the PvP arena and this would give an alternate way to get these. So in some respect you would get an incubator for fighting the AI, but just one per day.

Playing the PvP arena would get you both incubators and takedowns toward the DBI’s and of course trophy’s if you win.